TIL Calixa Lavallée, composer of 'O Canada' fought in the American Civil War. Lavallée was a cornet player in the 4th Rhode Island Volunteers, wounded at the Battle of Antietam, and ultimately rose to the rank of lieutenant. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cal…
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Marta Kostyuk qualifies for Stuttgart Main Draw

Kostyuk (ranked 158), posts a comeback 4-6 6-2 6-3 win over Alize Cornet (ranked 35) to enter the main draw in the 2018 edition of Porsche Grand Prix. Go Marta! Perhaps a top 100 debut is on the cards for her at the young age of 15 later this year?

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Pironkova defeats Cornet 6:4 7:6 6:3 and moves to 155th in the world starting from 10000th (protected ranking).

Go Pironkova!

Edit: It was 6:4 6:7 6:3 obviously. I was too excited so I gave Tsveti an extra set :)

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[Tennis] US Open round of 16 | Pironkova defeats Cornet 6:4 7:6 6:3 and moves to 155th in the world starting from 10000th (protected ranking). /r/tennis/comments/iofm2w…
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Barty retains World No.1 - Cornet and people on social media lost their minds. twitter.com/WTA/status/13…
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I'm playing PMD: Explorers of Time on an emulator, and I'm trying to get the Grass Cornet, but I can't accept the job that lets me go to the Mystery Jungle as I haven't discovered the area.

I've done the wonder mail to get the job but I can't take it on. I've completed the base story and can now freely change my team around so I'm looking to get a few grass types and figured I could save time by getting the Cornet. Anyone know why I can't go? Is there something in particular I need to complete/unlock first?

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Kenin, Osaka and Cornet are the only remaining players who have beaten Serena Williams at a grand slam

24 is now or never

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A 21-year-old Winston Churchill as Cornet of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars (1895) [396 x 614]
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Is starting on a flugelhorn a bad idea for a beginner?

I know it's more standard to start on a Bb trumpet, but I really enjoy a more mellow sound. I'd imagine getting the control to sound more mellow on a trumpet would take quite a while as someone who has never played any brass instrument before.

Is it really limiting to go straight to flugelhorn?

I've got experience with piano and woodwind, but nothing brass yet. I like picking up a lot of different instruments at a pretty rank amateur level, but hopefully get good enough to have some fun and not sound awful - so I may not have as much practice time as would be ideal. Would mostly be looking to play jazz rep.

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BanG Dream! unreleased music collection, 70 tracks in total from all three seasons! (replacement post)

#Download link here! This is a direct replacement for the post I made almost exactly a year ago, as it recently came to my attention that Reddit is nuking all posts/comments/PMs that contain MEGA links; this version is using Google Drive.


This is a compilation of musical performances from all three current anime seasons, from a few proper live performances, to lots of smaller practice pieces and other mini performances. If it's music, it's in here! This only includes unreleased content, you will need 10 tracks from the Season 1 and Season 2/3 soundtrack albums to fully complete this list.


I also made a complete unreleased music collection for K-ON!, and I'm sure there's a lot of crossover in these fanbases. :)



#Season 1

  • Don't be afraid! - Glitter*Green - Included on the Season 1 soundtrack.

  • Practice Phrase - Yuri practising in the morning as Rimi gets ready.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Kasumi's solo part and duet with Arisa, the beginnings of Poppin'Party.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Rimi joining them on stage with a borrowed bass.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - Poppin'Party [3-Piece] & Glitter*Green - Included on the Season 1 soundtrack.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Practice 1] - Kasumi's very basic string plucking for Rimi and some classmates. I dislike having to number them, but there are quite a few tracks that would otherwise have identical song/artist/album info, which obviously wouldn't work.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Practice 2] - Kasumi practising near Tae, stuck together staying after school.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Practice 3] - Tae interrupting Kasumi in the second verse with some chords.

  • Ice Cream Ga Tabetai Na - Kasumi playing a variant with different lyrics for the Asuka, who's unimpressed as usual.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Practice 4] - Kasumi's final, chord-based performance, showcasing what she's learned.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star [Practice 5] - Arisa being silly with her new keyboard.

  • Guitar Solo - A younger Owner being cool as heck. Some tracks like this lack "real" titles, so I've done the best I can to keep them as non-subjective/basic/descriptive as possible. As a side note, Sawa

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(Adam Leventhal) Watford have bid for both Maxwell Cornet and Kim Min-Jae twitter.com/AdamLeventhal…
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Le Bilan - Ligue 1 Matchday 30 : Thunder on the Laurientéxpress

After a very intense two months and a half period, it's finally time for a much needed international break. But before that, there was a last Ligue 1 matchday to be played, the 30th of the season. Nantes and Lorient were facing each other in a match for survival but the game that attracted all the focus was of course the fight for the title between Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain on sunday night.


  • The opening match of the week saw Monaco dismantling Saint-Étienne at their home 4-0. Despite a shot on the crossbar and a missed penalty in the first 12 minutes, Stevan Jovetić didn't lose his confidence and opened the score one minute later. The team from the french Riviera added three more goals to their tally in the second half, by the extraordinary midfielders Aurélien Tchouaméni and Sofiane Diop, then later by the newcomer from Club Brugge Krépin Diatta. Still in the fight against relegation, Saint-Étienne will have to earn points in the next weeks and to do so, play at another level than this.

  • If last week's victory against Strasbourg was more a relief than anything for Rennes, the one in Metz on saturday however was much more convincing. The most expensive buy of the club's history Jérémy Doku finally opened his counter before Martin Terrier converted a penalty. The second half was more balanced with the early expulsion of Doku for a dangerous foul on Delaine but Metz couldn't capitalize on their numerical superiority and even conceded a third goal by Guirassy before Papa Yade (a Senegalese, therefore, you got it, a former Generation Foot player), reduced the gap. Too little, too late.

  • Marseille almost lived a two-week period of serenity. That was way too long for this club and the (short) trip away in Nice settled that brutally. Thuram, Gouiri and Claude-Maurice offered the Aiglons and their fans their best win of the season. The symbol of the bad afternoon for OM was the goal from Benedetto at the 87th minute, which could have offered a last minute thriller, that was eventually overturned by VAR.

  • The match between Strasbourg and Lens probably should have been a draw if we look at what the teams showed on the pitch but yet again Lens proved a mental strength and an efficiency that a lot of teams in the league should be jealous of. The first half ended with a much deserved one-goal advantage for the northerners who suffered a lot in the last 45 minutes but Jean-Louis Leca repelled every attempt from the alsatians, who are still

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War & Peace - Book 2, Chapter 2


  1. Today's Podcast
  2. Ander Louis translation of War & Peace
  3. Ander Louis W&P Daily Hangout (Livestream)
  4. Medium Article by Brian E. Denton

Discussion Prompts via /u/seven-of-9

  1. We get so many details about the personality and mannerisms of the regimental commander, but the only name he is given is a nickname toward the end of the chapter, “The King of Hearts.” Is this significant? Why do you think Tolstoy chose not to name him?
  2. What are your impressions of General Kutuzov? How does he compare to the commanders and captains we’ve been introduced to so far?
  3. This chapter is made up of small exchanges - between Kutuzov and Timokhin, Kutuzov and Dolokhov, Dolokhov and the hussar cornet Zhukov, exchanges among the officers and among the company men. Which of these interactions, if any, do you think are sincere? Which are mocking, formalities, or for show?

Final line of today's chapter:

> ... and overtook the carriage, still keeping time to the song.

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Your weekly /r/melodicdeathmetal roundup for the week of April 09 - April 15

Friday, April 09 - Thursday, April 15

###Top Media

score comments title & link mirrors
76 7 comments [Song] Shylmagoghnar- Transience [Sp] [SC] [YT]
69 8 comments [Song] In Mourning - Colossus (Live at Z7) [Sp] [AM] [Dzr] [SC] [YT]
60 8 comments [Song] Norther - Blackhearted [Sp] [AM] [SC] [YT]
58 12 comments [Song] Soilwork - The Living Infinite I [Sp] [AM] [SC] [YT]
58 9 comments [Song] Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll (Remastered 2021) [Sp] [AM] [SC] [YT]
50 8 comments [Song] [The Black Dahlia Murder - In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1er
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Le Bilan Infinity War - Mid-Season Special

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to a special edition of Le Bilan. For a little more than a year now I've been writing these weekly recaps about Ligue 1, a league that may not be the best in the world but still deserved more attention on /r/soccer.

I would have probably stopped doing them if it was not for the constant support from the small but very passionate french community on here who constantly provides me help, ideas and inspiration. That's why I wanted to have them on board for this one-off. So I gathered the Avengers of the french /r/soccer redditors to let them talk about their respective clubs and what happened to them so far this season.

I would like to thank everyone who accepted to participate in this collective work, it's been a real pleasure reading all your contributions.

The regular Bilan will be back on thursday after matchday 18. In the meantime, enjoy this one !

# Ligue 1

# Olympique Lyonnais by /u/sugima

After the final 8, and the 4th harvest of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City by Maxwel Cornet in 2 seasons, we have only Ligue 1 and the Cup to play. No Champions League or Europa League, due to a 7th spot when the League decided to terminate the 2019-20 season. After 6 matches (1W-4D-1L), this season felt like it would be a second shit season in a row in Ligue 1 : 3 draw games against opponents who are in the 2nd half of the table (Bordeaux, Nîmes and Lorient), and one against Marseille who played 70 min with 10 men. Add to this an outrageous amount of crosses all going into the void, and Rudi Garcia was ready to miss a European spot twice in a row. But this awful streak came to an end, and OL won 29 points out of 33 in the following 11 matches. Despite this successful streak, these matches still include some poor performances compared to the expected standard of one of the richest French clubs : the 7th match against Strasbourg who came back from 0-3 down to 2-3 and could have equalized in the last minutes, the 8th match against Monaco (4-1 win, 4-0 lead at half-time with 4 generous gifts from Monaco's defense, but Monaco dominated the whole 2nd half) or the match against Brest at home (15th match day), where OL conceded the equalizer on a last minute penalty when Brest was down to 10 men (again ...). The difficulty to keep a result with an extra player on the pitch seems to go on, and often coincides with Garcia's choice to sub off an attacking player f

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WTA Dubai masters Round 2 discussion- 6 Seeds eliminated this round!

Here are all the results from tonights Dubai event which included many upsets. The 1000 points up for grabs is looking to be anyone's to win now following the elimination of many of the top seeds.

[2] Plíšková def Sevastova 6-3, 6-7, 6,2.

The Czech player made 11 double faults as she struggled with committing many errors that made the match longer than it should have been. She was too good for her opponent in the third set to take home the victory and advance to the third round.

Pegula def Mladenovic 6-1, 6-2.

A routine victory for the American over the doubles specialist who really struggled to get going in this match. She'll be disappointed to go out early in her "home" tournament but she never really had a chance.

[10] Mertens def Rogers 6-3, 6-3

Mertens made light work of Rogers as she advances to the third round, picking up some ranking points as she improves on her second-round showing from last year in Doha.

[3]Sabalenka def Cornet 6-2, 6-4

A game closer than the scoreline suggested, Sabalenka broke Cornet 7 times while she herself got broken on 4 occasions. Both players looked sloppy while serving and the number 3 seed is going to have to kick it up a notch if she wants to continue her run in this tournament.

Garcia def Trevisan 6-2, 6-4.

The Lucky Loser's tournament comes to an end as she loses against the former #4. Garcia will reach the third round of the Dubai to strike date with Elise Mertens for a spot in the quarterfinals.

[15] Kontaveit def Cîrstea 6-4, 7-5

Despite winning in straight sets Cîrstea did not make life easy for Kontaveit who had to earn her win the hard way. The Romanian played some great tennis especially in the second set but Kontaveit kept her composure and secured a spot in the third round.

Muguruza[9] def Anisimova 6-4, 6-2

Coming off a final appearance on Doha a few days ago Muguruza went right to business in her second-round match, winning in straight-set while only losing one service game. The teenager didn't do much wrong and held her own well but Muguruza was too good for her.

[8] Świątek def Doi 6-2, 6-4.

A great win for Świątek who dispatched Doi in a quick match. Her win means she'll gain some ranking points as she had a 2nd round exit in Doha last year. She'll have to go through Muguruza in the 3rd round in which promises to be a great match to look forward to

Martincová def [5] Bertens 6-1, 6-4.

The qualifier comes up with a huge upset to go thr

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2021 Australian Open Women's Round 1 Writeup

If you read the Men's rd 1 write up you can skip the paragraph below and head straight to the writeups. I participate in a picking competition that runs for most of the tournaments on tour and recently u/kuklachert who runs it has set up an automated site to take it to the next level. Check it out if you're interested!

Kukla has taken the time to put together a really great and easy-to-use site to automate his tennis picking competitons. The Australian Open will be the first contest this site is public for, so if you're looking for a fun way to compete against your friends and predict tennis without losing money to shady books, check it out 🐢. Just sign up (totally free to join and compete), join the Australian Open comp, and start picking. The site automatically tracks all your results, and maintains a leaderboard. The chat (runs thru discord) is a great place to hang out while you're watching, and there are even some small cash prizes for the top 3 finishers. If you like picking tennis, or tennis, or cash, or prizes, or turtles, or turtles as prizes, or strawberries, or cookies, or tennis, then this is the site for you <3. Check it out here, and remember since it's new feedback is always welcome

Australian Open Picking Competition

Barty Kovinic : Rust is apparently not a thing for Ashleigh Barty. The loveable nugget from Australia took an entire year off from the tour due to Covid concerns, but started off this year as she does most years, by making the finals of the inaugural event. She has looked just as good as she ever was this week, and in the spot where she was likely to stagger against Bouskova (who was playing some excellent tennis in the 2nd and 3rd set) she was able to steady herself despite visible frustration. Although she has a finals left against a peak-form Muguruza, Barty’s fitness has never come into question, and since the WTA plays the 2/3 format, she shouldn’t really struggle with fatigue in the early rounds.

Kovinic has been a really consistent performer in early rounds on tour the past season or so, and she represents a very consistent baseliner who generally beats the players she’s supposed to. Barty just doesn’t give up the easy errors though, and will be sharp following some good matches this week. In B

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#GEXV [Oxfordshire and Berkshire] ContrabannedTheMC Begins An Educational Tour of Berkshire and Oxfordshire's History of Radical Working Class and Peasant Movements. 1st Stop: Burford Parish Church, Oxfordshire

We join ContrabannedTheMC in one of the most westerly places in Oxfordshire: Burford. This small town, on the River Windrush, is often referred to as the "gateway" to the Cotswolds, in whose hills it is nestled, 18 miles away from Oxford and only 2 miles from the border with Gloucestershire. The town isn't just known for it's picturesque setting, however. It is also the setting for a major event in Britain's radical history

The Levellers were radical democracy activists during the English civil war. Many fought for Cromwell to bring an end to aristocratic rule, and then fought against his dictatorial government

It was in Burford on 17th May 1649 that the Banbury Mutiny came to an end

Contra was livestreaming to followers on twitch. Doing her best Tom Scott impression, they had this to say

"This is the 1st stop on my radical history tour of Oxfordshire and Berkshire. You join me in the grounds of Burford Parish Church, in the lovely Cotswold foothills, where we saw one of the most notorious skirmishes between the Levellers and Cromwell, the Banbury Mutiny. These lovely church grounds play host to a commemoration of this day, Levellers Day, every May, an event which has seen people such as Tony Benn address the memory of the dead"

"Many soldiers of Cromwell's New Model Army were sympathetic to the Levellers, who wished to see the end of aristocratic rule in Britain, and the formation of a popular democracy, based on ideals of equality and religious tolerance. This was a class conscious movement of the working class in the emerging capitalist Britain, in direct conflict with senior military officers and aristocrats in the new Cromwell government"

"Cromwell's generals gave the soldiers of the army a choice: leave the army, and forfeit their right to years of backpay that they had fought tooth and nail for; or be sent to Ireland to take part in the invasion. This was a deliberate ploy to benefit the wealthy classes in control of the government at the expense of the working class men who formed the lower ranks of the army. This led to many mutinies across the country"

"Near this place is the town of Banbury, where the New Model Army had a number of troops stationed under the command of Colonel Scropes"

"These troops engaged in a mutiny over 3 main concerns: the fact they hadn't been payed thousands of pounds which they were owned, a desire to see the demands of the Levellers implemented, and a refusal to be sent to Ireland to fight in Cromwell's soon-to-

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How Zverev compares to the most reviled players in the mens game

With the recent revelations about Zverev, he seems destined to become one of the most controversial ATP members we've ever had. A lot of the discussion in the wake of Sharypova's account has centred around what punishment-if any-the German can expect to face. Although their cases all differ from Zverev's in their own ways, I thought it would be interesting to see how the tennis world reacted to other players who strayed from the bounds of decency.

Daniel Koellerer

Bio: Austrian journeyman whose highest ranking was 55. To give you an idea of how far his notoriety spread, he was known as one of the worst behaved tennis players in the game years before he even reached the top 100.

Worst offences: Accused of using racist epithets against Julio Silva in a 2010 challenger match, which prompted the Brazilian to file charges against him afterwards. Caused multiple(!) ballboys to cry during a match against a teenage Del Potro, and during that contest also made an injection motion with his arm in a reference to drug bans for Argentinian players. Spat in his palm before the handshake with an Italian opponent. Provoked three players(Maximo Gonzalez, Federico Luzzi, Stefan Koubek) into physical fights. Convicted of match fixing in 2011.

Consequences: A petition to have Koellerer removed from the tour attracted 40 signatures, but the campaign(led by Tomas Behrend) wasn't successful. The Austrian was suspended for 6 months in 2006 due to his ongoing poor behaviour. Banned for life in 2011 due to his involvement in rigged matches.

Oscar Hernandez revels in beating Koellerer at a challenger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otAq2v16Bbg

Justin Gimelstob

Bio: Decent grasscourt player who spent most of his time in the tennis hinterlands whilst his more talented American compatriots hogged the spotlight.

Worst offences: Assaulted a former friend and caused the victim's wife to miscarry as a result of trauma. Just before being voted onto the ATP board as a representative, Gimelstob gave an interview where he called Anna Kournikova a "bitch" and declared his intention to make her cry during a doubles match. He followed this up with, "I wouldn't mind having my younger brother, who's a kind of a stud, nail her and then reap the benefits." In the same radio appearance, he made sexist comments about Nicole Vaidisova and Alize Cornet, who were both teenagers at the time(he was 31). His views on sexual orientation:

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[OC] Some young players you should know about

With players like Lorenzo Musetti, Clara Burel, Jannik Sinner, Coco Gauff, Leylah Fernandez, and of course Iga Swiatek having their big breakouts recently, I thought r/tennis might like to hear about some other promising young players that we could be seeing bust onto the scene in the near future. I’ll admit I haven’t seen a ton of matches from these kids as it’s extremely difficult to actually watch junior tennis; my knowledge of these players comes from keeping an eye on junior results/following the pro results of young players I think show promise. Obviously there’s no such thing as guarantees in tennis - surely not all of these kids will become top level pros, and players I’ve never heard of will randomly become stars after an average junior career – but these are some young players I wouldn’t be surprised to see find success as professionals.


  • Xiyu Wang (19, China, #120) – Not to be confused with her compatriot Xinyu Wang. Boy that would be confusing if they both became stars. Former Junior #1, won junior Wimbledon and made SF or better in the other 3 junior slams as well. Has had good results on the ITF circuit, including 3 titles, and made the semis at the WTA level in Acapulco early this year. In a normal season she’d already be consistently playing tour level.

  • Elisabetta Cocciaretto (19, Italy, #131) – Kind of came out of nowhere following a pretty uninspiring junior career. 4 ITF titles (all on clay) and some impressive results at the WTA level to boot. Came through qualies in Melbourne this year and has been excellent following the restart, beating Hercog and Vekic in Palermo and making the second round in Paris. Results off of clay are so-so, but her rank and nationality will get her into plenty of WTA level tournaments next year.

  • Clara Tauson (17, Denmark, #155) – Made a splash in Paris beating 21 seed/USO Semi-finalist Jen Brady in the first round but kind of got forgotten about because of players like Burel, Fernandez, and Swiatek becoming bigger stories. Was #1 as a junior and won the Australian open. 7 ITF titles as a 17 year old is no joke. Expect to see her at the WTA level next season.

  • Maria Camila Osorio Serrano (18, Colombia, #205) – What a name. Hopefully the next great South American woman, former junior #1 and junior USO champ. Made a tour level SF in Bogota last year and took a set off Anisimova, has 3 ITF titles on clay. Sadly there’s only one WTA event in South America (seriously, how pathetic is that?) so s

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Multi-Live Default Stamp Tier List and Strategy Guide

Multi-Live Default Stamp Tier List and Strategy Guide

It's nearly impossible to play Multi-Live without coming across stamps, but many players choose to ignore them, or attempt to get by on just a minimal understanding. While this can suffice for those middle of the road players who just want to have fun on Normal or Hard, any players that seriously wish to improve themselves, and truly excel in the game, eventually needs to master stamp usage.

Now, stamps can be scary and confusing when starting out, and that's perfectly alright. All the top players once had to learn how to use stamps, and there's nothing that can quite replace the necessary 10,000 hours to master any skill. But while optimal stamps usage can be a messy and controversial subject, there is a general ranking of power level among the stamps that can be a good starting point for any player who has just begun their journey into spamming stamps in Multi-Live rooms.

Due to the depth and intricacies introduced by rare stamps, and lack of availability to newer players who would benefit the most from learning these basics, this guide will focus solely on the 25 default stamps each player has access to. A new player using rare stamps early on can be detrimental to learning proper stamp usage regardless, placing too much focus on trying to find a specific stamp for each situation, rather than mastering the fundamentals of stamps and how various stamps may apply in different ways across these contexts. Introducing one or two rare stamps after experimenting with the defaults can be fine, applying newly learned skills in discerning the best stamp to use onto unfamiliar stamps, but players should pace themselves and not try to incorporate new stamps faster than they can actually learn how to properly use them.

Since in-depth guides around critical game mechanics aren't seen as flashy or interesting, all the default stamps have been placed into a series of unordered tiers, based on their potential range and the overall raw power of the stamp, as tier lists are much more attention grabbing and click bait-y. In true click bait fashion, the guide will start with "F-Tier", and work its way up to "SS-Tier", but those with short attention spans can find the full tier list at the very end, free of any cluttering explanations of why a particular stamp belongs in its tier, or how to actually use it.

Note: This guide references and encourages the use of Michelle Stickers to buy rare stamps from past events.

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Full organ at the IV/P/31 Boizard organ at St-Michel-en-Thiérache (Hauptwerk) - with ALL couplers enabled! (literally full organ!) voca.ro/oy9zEbc9nKf
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Ranking the Top 100 Women's Singles players at Grand Slams since 2000 [OC]

A few weeks ago, I wrote a thing on ranking the top 100 ATP players in Grand Slams in the 21st century. I mentioned then I was going to do a similar thing for the WTA, which I've now finished.

694 players have played in the main draw of a Women's Singles event in a Grand Slam since 2000 (compared to 739 in the mens.)

I was unsure on what ranking system to use, as like the ATP, the WTA rankings have changed significantly over the years with how they allocate points to Slams. In 2018, the WTA assigns points as 2000 (W), 1300 (F), 780 (SF), 430 (QF), 240 (R16), 130 (R32), 70 (R64), 10 (R128).

In the end, I decided to use the same point system as I used for the ATP. It's fairly similar anyway, and doing it this way allows for direct comparison between the two.

Winner - 2000

Final - 1200

Semi-Finals - 720

Quarter-Finals - 360

Round of 16 - 180

Round of 32 - 90

Round of 64 - 45

Round of 128 - 10


Top 100 Players

The top 100 WTA grand slam players of the 21st century, using this points system, are listed below. The number in brackets shows the number of tournaments entered during this time. Note that although a fair number of the players made their debut before 2000, this study only looks at the competitions after 2000.


1: Serena Williams - 61155 (59)

2: Venus Williams - 34255 (66)

3: Maria Sharapova - 27820 (51)

4: Justine Henin - 25970 (33)

5: Kim Clijsters - 20965 (33)

6: Svetlana Kuznetsova - 15365 (60)

7: Lindsay Davenport - 14370 (25)

8: Victoria Azarenka - 14155 (42)

9: Jennifer Capriati - 13040 (19)

10: Amélie Mauresmo - 12985 (36)

11: Elena Dementieva - 11685 (43)

12: Caroline Wozniacki - 11390 (43)

13: Li Na - 11310 (33)

14: Ana Ivanovic - 10510 (48)

15: Angelique Kerber - 10470 (41)

16: Agnieszka Radwańska - 10455 (47)

17: Petra Kvitová - 10110 (38)

18: Jelena Janković - 9610 (57)

19: Francesca Schiavone - 8985 (69)

20: Samantha Stosur - 8835 (57)

21: Martina Hingis - 8425 (17)

22=: Simona Halep - 7760 (31)

22=: Nadia Petrova - 7760 (52)

24: Vera Zvonareva - 7725 (40)

25: Marion Bartoli - 7530 (47)

26: Garbiñe Muguruza - 7435 (21)

27: Dinara Safina - 7355 (33)

28: Flavia Pennetta - 7175 (49)

29: Mary Pierce - 6565 (22)

30: Daniela Hantuchová - 6085 (61)

31: Dominika Cibulková - 5755 (41)

32: Ekaterina Makarova - 5510 (42)

33: Sara Errani - 5400 (40)

34: Patty Schnyder - 5340 (45)

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Cryptract Mobile Tier List 2020/02/08

Tier List 2020-03-17


  • PvE
  • Survival tends to be weighed higher since we can't do advanced combos yet
  • Not sure who has their extra contracts released yet, some units can get stronger later

Best units now have auto revive, reflect, cool down reduction. Ideally you want units that are fast. Slow units tend to be ranked lower. Cryptract is a team game, so a single S unit isn't going to guarantee a steam roll (at least not yet). Don't forget you can fill in a gap by friending a very powerful support friend AND "favorite" them so you can get access to 3 of their chosen support units. You can only use one at at time but finding a great ally will help you tremendously.

Also, just because a unit is not S tier doesn't mean they aren't potentially useful. Just more niche as a lot of DPS units have a "killer" bonus against certain enemy types. For example, Anubis is a beast killer and can make short work of Savagegust.

Perseus is a shaman killer which can devastate Medusa (who can devastate Michael).

There are some really good f2p units too. Off the top of my head, Izanami (buffer and healer) and Dantelion (reflect) are high value units early on to help round off you team.

General Tiers


Amaterasu, Ashley (limited), Belle, Cornet, Cornish, Ellelise, Elua, Felice, Flute (limited), Francille (limited), Grace, Jill, Leonore, Lise (limited), Lucrecia, Margaret, Opera, Rem (limited), Sara, Sphere, Sunny, Uriel, Yggdrasil, Spin


Alice, Aria, Cat, Cattleya, Cecile, Chausie, Flare, Frose (limited), Grista, Hauser (limited), Isis, Jeannette, Lazy, Lei-lei, Lilianne, Mad Hatter, Maristela, Melissa (limited), My Anna, Nadia (dark), Nadia (fire), Pan, Persian Lou, Ra, Sachiel, Sasha, Somali, Tia, Viternia, Voice, Yuura


Anubis, Azazel, Belphegor, Bouquet, Cocette, Dag, Farrenc, Gabriel, Heracles, Jean-Veil, Klaus, Lucifer, Lunamilla, Matarael, Ophelia, Pam, Raphael, Rebecca, Siegfried, Sigurd, Susanoo, Wilma


Felix, Lynphelia, Miguel Bach, Perseus, Tiola, Tsukuyomi, White Rabbit



Uriel, Amaterasu, Ra

Hybrid healer/dps

Grace, Cornish, Jeanette, Mad Hatter (revive)


Margaret (auto-revive), Ellelise (revive), Somali (heal), Viternia (revive), Aria (heal), Belphegor (heal), Cocette (heal), Lunamilla (revive), Mad Hatter (revive)


Chausie (single target), Persian Lou, My Anna (single target fairy killer), Alice, Lazy, Lilianne, Sachiel, Flare, Isis, Sasha, Grista, Tia, Sigu

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Random joke weapons Ideas.

My alt. account posted a random skins ideas, and lately, I've been thinking of joke ideas. Again, not part of any battle pass/ranked tiers, just ideas.

  1. A Trickery joke weapon. From the outside, it will show up as a different gun, and will even have the kill feed of said gun, but the user will see the gun it actually is. For example, an AR could be an SMG. Pretty useless, but random.
  2. Instruments. It would be pretty funny to have a Trombone as your primary, a cornet as your secondary, and a clarinet as your melee
  3. Animals. Cat pistol, Dog Primary, and the R-Press for the cat would be scratching, and for the dog it would be biting.
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Every player's most significant win against Serena Williams

WARNING: this is a long post. If you don't care to read, I don't blame you. I must also warn you that most of the H2H records are going to look bad. If you feel that's all you need to know, then you don't have to read. Also, if you don't like the fact that I like Serena as a tennis player, feel free not to read either. I only ask you do not leave any bad comments about any of this.

For those of you who hate Serena Williams (can't blame you if you do), feel free to read this post and find a new hero to root for.

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a fan of Serena's tennis playing even if she does things I absolutely don't approve of (I sometimes wonder if being the youngest sister of 5 has in part contributed to her brash personality, sort of like Chihuahua syndrome). From a purely tennis player's perspective, I think she's pretty cool.

It's weird that when you're a fan of a certain tennis player, you also tend to remember the players they lost to and develop a bit of a fascination with them as well. I can't help but feel for the countless number of tennis players that probably would've won more Grand Slams had they been in a universe without Serena. The argument that Serena's competition sucked isn't completely true; there were many great women's tennis players but Serena was just on another level so many times.

I realized too late that I forgot to add the Grand Slam records on the side. Hope you can forgive me for that :-(.

Do note that these records are subject to change. Some of the younger players in particular may be able to take advantage of Serena's aging. I realize that Grand Slam majors count more so they are listed separately. List is alphabetized. Without further ado, here we go:

  • Andreescu, Bianca (2-0): after beating Serena in the Canadian Masters, Andreescu famously got another win over Serena in the 2019 US Open finals and it was pretty convincing.
  • Azarenka, Victoria (4-18): Azarenka was winless in major tournaments against Serena but she did pick up a few WTA wins against her, one of the most invigorating being a come-from-behind win at the Cincinnati Masters Final, the last set of which went to tiebreak.
  • Bammer, Sybille (2-0): they never met in a Grand Slam tournament but Bammer has amazingly managed 2 wins in their only two matchups against Serena, more notably defeating her at the 2007 Hobart tournament in three sets.
  • Bartoli, Marion (1-3): although owning a losing record overall, Bartoli managed to win 1 of 2
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A newbie's progress within a week

This is my first post in this subreddit and probably my first ever reddit post but I have played BanG Dream for just a week around two hours ago and I'm here to tell you the progress that quarantine makes you do within a week

I haven't played any rhythm games on the phone other than some hours of piano tiles and maybe over a week of Geometry Dash (If it is a rhythm game) and only played iDate in the PC 6 years ago and I didn't really plat that much then but I wanted to play this game since I keep seeing it on Vanguard ads (I'm a Vanguard fan), an opening for Vanguard V was made by Roselia (Again I'm Vanguard fan), and the characters looked cool and cute.

I started playing just about June 9 12:00 GMT +8 (I swear I didn't set it up to be exactly the start of the day but luckily it's easier to compute this way) and I tried to do expert first but I had to watch myself painfully losing and stuck at 0 energy, but that's when I decided to start on normal

I played some songs then two hours later, I beat my first hard. I remember that I always tried to play expert Legendary around that time (Because again, I'm a Vanguard fan) but I always failed. That was around bedtime for me so I'm gonna say these by playtime now

At 4 hours playtime I finally beat Legendary hard but I looked up some tips to play the game better, apparently you can increase note speed

At 5 hours playtime I decided to increase my note speed directly to 8 out of curiosity then I realized I can play almost twice as good as 5 then I FCed some normals then a hard (forgot which one since I didn't think about writing the name back then) but it was probably one of the easy ones

At 6 hours playtime I decided to move to expert directly, If I remember right I finished "Our path" or "Choco cornet love" But back then I found those extremely challenging, then I kept trying some hards

At 9 hours playtime I was starting to play some harder hards because some hards are extremely hard and shouldn't deserve 20 below, then I was rank 35

So my total playtime on my first day was 11 hours since I played non-stop

Exactly a day later though (11 hours playtime), I realized... Yes BanG Dream exists so I tried it and got triggered that I didn't know about it sooner and It was pretty easy for an expert. I also FCed Pico Papi the same hour

13 hours: I beat what I dreamt of beating, Expert Legendary. Still funny how it only took half a day to improve incredibly, but I still got lots to go (Also, I realized that Legend

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Joining your ranks.

A friend of mine is giving me his old cornet that he never used (my guess is nothing really great as he played it in the middle school band). I currently don't have a job right now and am in a situation where I need to buy a practice mute. Are there any cheap, but good ones, you'd suggest? I unfortunately will have to ask around for money to get it, so it's gotta be pretty cheap. I have like... -$16 in my bank currently...

Also, any tips on where to start out for tone and technique? I play guitar and bass, but I have a terrible ear (you think it'd be better for someone who has been playing for 11 years...)

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[GL] Turing Ranking Challenge

This post will look at the Turing ranking challenge and provide basic event information, rewards and advised units to use. This is taken from the full guide which can be found here.

Feedback is appreciated, send me a PM or in discord @Audiodelus#3770. Join us at the discord on the side too.

Click here to see if you should pull!


  • Clear floors, don't take damage, kill fast, use MacLaurin as they give bonus damage.
  • Let people run the quest before seeing if you need to roll the hatcher.
  • Don’t roll for hatcher unless you want to rank and need the units, and have the units required to gain a good score already.

Ranking Quest

  • Ranking quest is a re-occurring event that appears and is open for rank 30 and above players to participate in. It will on average last for one week, and can be extended on occasion.
  • This places the players at random, into small groups of 100-200 and you compete against those in your group.
  • There is no downside to attempting the quest, the only thing you lose is your energy and time. Always attempt it, as everyone has poor units and you might be grouped with a terrible batch of players so you can gather a high ranking.
  • You can only reconnect 3 times if you close the quest or disconnect.

Ranking Assist Units

  • Each ranking quest has a hatcher that has the chance to hatch an advertised unit that assists players in completing that particular ranking quest. The advertised unit will always deal immense damage to every unit in the quest. It is recommended you run one at least one as the assist unit.
  • For this ranking event, the main unit is MacLaurin who converts green panels to bombs, C panel oversize boost and cpanel generation shortened for two turns.

General Strategies

  • The aim of a ranking quest is to complete the ranking quest with the highest points gained, and then that is put on a scoreboard to be compared against those in your group. The higher score you get, and the higher placement you therefore attain, the better the reward.
  • As you move through the floor stages, you get points which are dependent on how many turns you take, how much damage you take, and how much overkill damage you deal.
  • This means you want to spend as little time as you feel you can on each stage, while keeping the board prepared and dealing damage.
  • It is expected that you usually sp
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Discussion: 2018 Australian Open - Day 5 (Friday, January 19th)

2018 Australian Open - Day 5 (Friday, January 19th)

STREAMS ↑ Streaming in the top bar
AUS OPEN Schedule, Scores, Results, AO Radio, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
DAILY THREADS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /r/tennis Discord

MATCHES (3rd Round)

Nadal (1) d. Dzumhur (28) 6-1, 6-3, 6-1 Kyrgios (17) d. Tsonga (15) 7-6, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6
Dimitrov (3) d. Rublev (30) 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Schwartzman (24) d. Dolgopolov 6-7, 6-2, 6-3, 6-3
Cilic (6) d. R Harrison 7-6, 6-3, 7-6 Edmund d. Basilashvili 7-6, 3-6, 4-6, 6-0, 7-5
Carreno Busta (10) d. Muller (23) 7-6, 4-6, 7-5, 7-5 Seppi d. Karlovic 6-3, 7-6, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7

Wozniacki (2) d. Bertens (30) 6-4, 6-3 Mertens d. Cornet 7-5, 6-4
Svitolina (4) d. Kostyuk 6-2, 6-2 Suarez Navarro d. Kanepi 3-6, 6-1, 6-3
Kontaveit (32) d. Ostapenko (7) 6-3, 1-6, 6-3 Allertova d. Linette 6-1, 6-4
Rybarikova (19) d. Bondarenko 7-5, 3-6, 6-1 Martic d. Kumkhum 6-3, 3-6, 7-5


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (15) Jelena Ostapenko (7)
Gilles Muller (23) Kiki Bertens (30)
Damir Dzumhur (28)
Andrey Rublev (30)
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Worst pack luck?

I did every sbc, i'm in divison 4, rank 1 every week, gold 2 in wl every week, and gold 1 in squad battles every week. My best tradeable player packed was Winter Refresh Cornet, best untradeable was De bruyne and best player pick was Telles. I'm doing something wrong or i'm just incredibly unlucky ?

Edit: i forgot to tell i bought fifa points for like 100€ and still nothing Edit2: i have like 2400 matches played

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📅︎ Mar 23 2020
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Le Bilan - Ligue 1 Matchday 19 : Bom Dia

A few weeks later than usual and without too much troubles on the COVID-19 matter (that's a bit different when it comes to finances), we finally arrived this weekend to the 19th matchday, marking the end of the first half of the season with all matches being played simultaneously and a notable Rennes-Lyon as the cherry on the cake.


  • 7 wins, 5 draws, 7 losses, 20 goals scored, 21 conceded, 10th place. You can't do much more average than the averagest team of Ligue 1 : Bordeaux. Anyway, this last win against relegation candidate Lorient with a brace from Rémi Oudin will certainly do good for a club that will let go 26 employees. They also finally proved they could win without Hatem Ben Arfa, certainly a reassuring thought.

  • The last win against Montpellier was taken as a statement of strength from Marseille. But it seems it was just an anomaly within a series of poor results. And a 0-0 draw away in Dijon certainly is one. With Payet now relegated on the bench, it's up to Radonjic and Thauvin to create chances. And to Benedetto to score. Unfortunately, the argentinian's lack of scoring output is starting to become worrying for OM. Meanwhile Dijon has not lost in three matches, hurray !

  • According to well-informed sources, Strasbourg has won in Lens 1-0 on a goal from Habib Diallo. We've been unable to confirm these informations.

  • With a bit more concentration, Nice could have won two of their last three matches. In the end they won none (even worse, they won one in the last ten). This week it was against Metz that the Aiglons were up 1-0 after a penalty from Gouiri. Until John Boye benefited from another screwup to equalize late in the game.

  • Monaco reaches the fourth place following a very convincing victory against Angers 3-0 which I talked emphatically about a few days ago. Fortunately for my record, it was followed by a praise of Kevin Volland who scored again, his 9th goal of the season. Even Stevan Jovetic took part in the party, opening his counter for 2020-2021.

  • Despite their ranking (3rd, only one point behind Lyon), it's safe to say Lille is showhing less strength recently. The last proof of that is the difficult win 1-0 away against the most catastrophic team of the league, Nîmes. And if not for a perfect assist from Nîmes defender Lucas Deaux to Burak Yılmaz, who knows what could have b

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Le Bilan - Ligue 1 Matchday 15 : MonaK.O.

With three matches to play within one week before the winter break, the L1 managers have to think about their optimal strategies regarding the rotation of their squads. Do they prioritize one match at the expense of another or do they try their best to balance the different starting eleven they'll line up ?


  • At the end of a day of troubles (the sudden announcement of the sale of the club by Gérard Lopez, pushed out by the investment fund Elliott Management), Lille, leader of L1 since last sunday, comfortably beat the lanterne rouge Dijon 2-0 with goals from the inevitable Yusuf Yazıcı and Timothy Weah, his second goal within a week after a first one in Europa League.

  • The first surprise of the day (and far from the only one) was the defeat from Montpellier at home against Metz, who was on a 5-game winless streak before the match. Despite trying throughout the game, Montpellier didn't manage to get the kind of efficiency that put them so high in the rankings this season.

  • Another unexpected result, with an identical score as well, was the victory from Strasbourg in Angers, one of the good surprises of the season. Thanks in part to a beautiful goal from Habib Diallo. After a very difficult start of the season, Strasbourg is finally on the upswing with two wins and two draws in the last four matches.

  • Nice finally won a match after eight fixtures without a success (5 in Ligue 1, 3 in Europa League). Unsurprisingly, it was another struggling team, Nîmes, that was the victim of Nice's awakening. Not that it was an obvious result either. Morgan Schneiderlin was sent off and Nice had to play more than 30 minutes with ten men, unlocking the situation in the last five minutes by Ndoye and Claude-Maurice.

  • On monday, we predicted David Guion to be the next coach to leave the league. Fortunately for him, it won't be this week. But it was not an easy game for Reims who conceded a goal by Nicolas Pallois in the first 20 minutes and was dominated the whole game by Nantes who paid hard their lack of efficiency. Within six minutes in the middle of the second half, Reims scored three goals, earning themselves some fresh air (despite ten minutes of scare after a goal from Ludovic Blas) and getting out of the relegation zone.

  • "Oh no baby, what is you doing ?" That's what most OL fans must have thought when they saw Anthony Lopes barge into Steve Moun

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Roland Garros 2nd Round Women's Singles Writeup

Some real exciting new talent made their mark on this first round. One of the bright points of the day was the rain delay as I got a chance to just watch one match all the way through, although it was unfortunately the Mladenovic implosion. Question for you all. When you make a get a dropshot and it was 2 bounces, do you always know? Siegemund clearly made one but didn't seem to react as if she did.

Halep Begu : Halep is about a -1000 favorite against Begu, which makes sense because she’s never lost a match to her compatriot. Last round I said Halep would have to work, and she only had to do one set worth of work, dishing out a donut in her second set. Begu played great against Tiechmann throughout, and I’m going with the same story. Halep played great in Rome, and should certainly win this, but Begu’s power will win her some games (maybe 6) along the way. Halep in 2.

Pera Anisimova : Pera delivered on her status as a favorite against Bellis, winning a close 1st set and running away with it from there. Her reward is more American tennis with Anisimova, who was down 2-0 and didn’t drop another game. Her easy power is really translating well to the slow courts in Paris and Korpatsch struggled to work her way into the match. Pera will be a much tougher test, but it looks like Anisimova came to play. Anisimova in 2.

Gavrilova Bouchard : Yastremska got a poor surprise in round one, as Gavrilova arrived back on tour right where she left off. She’s always been a difficult defender, and she outclassed Yastremska from start to finish here. Bouchard got late breaks in both sets against Kalinskaya, and while she looked fairly solid, she struggled to find the easy winners that she had in her run in Istanbul. Gavrilova will be a better defender and have a bit less nerves as she progresses through this tournament. I think she defends here until Bouchard gives up some errors. Gavrilova in 3.

Hsieh Swiatek : Surprise results in the early round here (for my foolish heart at least) as Hsieh played some great tennis and Swiatek found her best tennis. Hsieh makes tennis look like a simple game that other people make complicated. She just moves the ball around and has every shot and uses every spin and never gets upset. Swiatek beating Voundrousova moves her forecast out several rounds further than this contest, and the manner in which she did it means she’ll be able to take advantage of the slower paces that Hsieh moves the ball at. Swiatek in 2.

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Roland Garros Women's Single Round One Writeup

This tournament has to feel wide open for so many players. Osaka isn't the best on clay, but her performance at the USO had to kinda close the door in the minds of many players. I realized halfway through writing this just how many players on the WTA are really playing their best right now. This should be a wild and exciting tournament, and even if half the competitors are wearing mom-shorts by Nike, that just makes it more wild and exciting since I'm fairly confident dude-mom-shorts will come back into style after that. What am I talking about? Idk. I'm tired. Enjoy tennis.

Halep Sorribes Tormo : This is the usual overpriced line for Halep as a 1 seed, and Sorribes Tormo is not that bad at all. Clay is her natural surface, and while she’s not out here winning titles, this will take some doing from Halep. Halep was pretty solid in her title win in Rome though, so she should be through in straight sets. Halep in 2.

Begu Teichmann : Unfortunate spot in the draw and unfortunate matchup for both these players. Begu crushes the ball and is a threat in most minor events in every round. Teichmann lost to Svitolina, but prior to that had looked like one of the next big talents on the tour. It’ll be a difficult task for Teichmann to negate Begu’s power, but the errors are there if she extends rallies and Begu is prone to stretches of mistakes. Irina plays her best in the first round, however, so this is not one way traffic. Teichmann in 3.

Bellis Pera : Bellis comes into this one slated as the underdog, and I guess that’s because Pera’s been more active. More active, but losing matches. Bellis posted a nice win against Bouchard a few months back, and I think although she won’t be fully adjusted to the surface, there’s reason to believe she will have chances in this contest. Her backhand is very solid, and Pera is prone to losing deciding sets. Bellis in 3.

Korpatsch Anisimova : Tamara Korpatsch has pulled some tough draws lately but she’ll have chances here, given Anisimova’s a much better hardcourt player. The difference in states in their careers will likely be the decider, as Anisimova feels more freedom to execute bigger shots in pressure moments, and Korpatsch is still looking to establish herself on tour. Anisimova in 3, as Korpatsch has been playing a lot of clay.

Yastremska Gavrilova : Wowwwwww. Remember Gavrilova? She’s dropped down the rankings to almost 800 in the world, and really hasn’t been around the tour much due to i

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US Open Women's Round 1 <3

The theme of the first round on the women’s side seems to be lopsided matches if you’re to trust the bookmakers. Many of the favorites are wildly inflated due to some lesser known players getting direct entry in the draw, and while I do think most of the favorites will come through, since the WTA doesn’t generally feature a number of dominant serves, 2/3 matches often feature much closer contests than the prices offered. Buyer beware I guess, and this tournament has a number of unfortunately superb first round contests.

Pliskova Kalinina : Pliskova just didn’t look sharp in her 1st round exit in Cincinnati. I don’t think she’ll look much better here for a few rounds, and Cincinnati was her 3rd loss in a row. Kalinina is on a similar streak, and so while Pliskova is likely to struggle at times in this event, she should advance to the second round. Pliskova in 2.

Paolini Garcia : This one jumps out as a match where Garcia will have a big edge in power but will have to hit multiple shots to end rallies. Paolini is a good lefty and plays a big behind the baseline which gives her time to defend, but gives up a bit too much pressure and that’s what generally hurts Garcia. Garcia in 2.

Bellis Korpatsch : Bellis is listed at like -1200 or something like that and that is just plain ridiculous. I think Bellis (given Pliskova’s struggles) has a good chance to make a deep run in this section, but Korpatsch is coming off a nice streak of wins and will work her way onto the tour by the end of the year. Bellis will be better on this day, but this will not just be a walkover. Bellis in 2.

Blinkova Brady : Brady was the hottest player coming into Cincinnati and exited quickly at the hands of Pegula. Blinkova is a good baseliner but Brady will be able to dictate most of the rallies here. Barring fatigue or a day plagued with unforced errors, she should come through here. Brady in 2.

Kerber Tomljanovic : This is another tough first round for Ajla, but a good opportunity as well. Kerber has declined a good bit her last few seasons and the form that saw her win a few majors doesn’t seem to appear more than 2-3 weeks a year. Is it a motivation issue? An awkwardly positive article was put out a week ago indicating Kerber was excited to get back on the court and compete. I only describe it as awkward because the new trend of turning a single tweet into a news article is, well, awkward. A motivated Kerber against a surging Tomljanovic is a close affair

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Full transcript of Juninho's 2 hours interview on RMC | OL: THE TRUTHS OF JUNINHO

Full transcript (~40k characters, you've been warned) of Juninho's 2 hours interview on RMC (DeepL translated). But it's Juni, so it's always worth it to read and listen to him (don't expect ground breaking transfer news though)

(And the audio version, for the french speakers. Juni starts at 15:35 and talks until the end. So more like 70 minutes of interview and not 2 hours, sorry).

Special and exceptional guest of Top of the Foot this Tuesday on RMC, the director of OL Juninho delivered as he rarely did.

Juninho, how do you see your role in relation to the media?

I left in 2009, there were a lot of expectations, there were doubts. I came back 10 years later, the club has grown a lot, it played a European Cup semi-final in 2010 as well. In the first season, I was a little naive, I was a little bit naive at the beginning, maybe I was talking a little too much. Then I thought about how to behave right away to show the players that I came back. I chose not to talk too much, the first three months Sylvinho came with me, unfortunately we didn't get the results we had hoped for. Changing coaches after 3 months put even more pressure. I chose not to talk too much outside to gain the confidence of the players.

Do you totally want to act with your principles and ideas, put your touch ?

We ended the first season with a group that was short of things, 10 days and 30 points to go. Of course we weren't going to finish second and third, it was going to be very hard. In the end it's the coach who decides the team but today I'm back home, I feel at home as before. I get along well with Rudi, it makes things easier. In the end it's the results that count and this year we are not in the Europa League or the Champions League. We start the season with one goal in mind: to qualify for the Champions League next season because that's what the fans are waiting for.

Does your relationship with Rudi Garcia correspond to your expectations about the team's play?

I had a closer relationship with Sylvinho, we came together. We had to choose another coach, we chose together with the president. Rudi has a lot of experience, I felt that he made a lot of effort to settle in as soon as possible. I explained to him at the time that he lacked discipline, which he managed to change. Concerning the game, we

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Blurryturtle's US Open Round 3 Men's & Women's Writeup

Couple unfinished matches, but here's a look at Friday's action. Blurry asked me to post this for him, and assured me he'll be back for the next round. <3

Djokovic Struff : Pretty standard post-apocalypse win for Novak. Opponent plays their best tennis, seems like they might have a chance, then Novak elevates his game and the outcome seems inevitable even while he’s down a set. Internet bettors curse his name because they all took him to win 3 sets to 0, but for the Djokovic camp it was a good day. Edmund was crushing the ball for a while and Novak was still able to move him around while holding until the last moment and really challenging his opponent’s movement. That ability not to telegraph swings makes for a lot of extra fatigue for an opponent. Struff had a fairly easy 2nd round in local American challenger Mmoh. Too defensive to really hurt Struff, the rallies in this one last as long as it took for Struff to find a winner or force an error. Last week these two played and Struff sprayed errors almost nonstop. Nerves played a role, and I would expect him to play a bit better (less reckless) here, but I think we’ll see a similar result. The quality of play Djokovic is showing is the kind that requires a mercurial performance to win a complete match against. Struff thrives on having an advantage in power and forehand to forehand rallies and Novak’s ability to cover the court and hit with depth negates this a bit. Djokovic in 3-4.

Carreno Busta Berankis : After a struggle fest with Uchiyama, Carreno Busta seemed to compose himself and made quick work of Krueger. Berankis benefitted somewhat from fatigue with Johnson, being able to play a more secure game and outlast Johnson, who had bright spots but never really found a moment to breathe. This is a bad matchup for Berankis because they play a very similar game. Good solid baseline tennis. Where they differ, is PCB has a slightly better serve by virtue of being a bit taller, and in court coverage as PCB again is just a bit more naturally gifted of an athlete. PCB will need to avoid lapses as he did against Uchiyama here, because Berankis has been in very good shape in the past two weeks. He won’t beat himself, so this will likely have some tiebreaker sets involved. PCB has not actually blinked his eyes in 14 years, always alert and focused on the ball or any other sphere that’s available. The man loves spheres, and the man loves tennis. I’m not sure Berankis is used to playing this much t

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US Open Women's Round 2 Writeup

Couple good days of tennis on the women’s side with most of the underdogs fighting hard and most of the top seeds coming through.

Pliskova Garcia : Nobody had a quicker turnaround in level than Pliskova this week. Somewhere around the end of the first set she started to find her range and in the second set she was smoking her backhand returns for clean winners. That’ll be good against Garcia, who appears to be playing near her best tennis at this point. Garcia hits much harder than Kalinina so this will be a good test to see if Pliskova can keep up the same level of offense when she’s being moved and has less time. I think she’ll rise to the occasion but it won’t be easy as Garcia does not even require a backswing to serve. Pliskova in 3.

Bellis Brady : This is one of the toughest matches in the 2nd round. Bellis hung in there against Korpatsch who was all over the place early in the match and will be a fixture on tour for the foreseeable future. A 15-13 tiebreaker is always emotionally draining and her level dropped a bit in the next two sets. Brady had a routine win against Blinkova, and will look to continue dominating baseliners against Bellis. Where I think this matchup is tough for Brady is Bellis’ movement and backhand. Brady plays the inside out forehand a lot and looks to break down that wing and open up the court. Bellis is a good counterpuncher from there, and I expect this one to go to a deciding set. It’ll be Brady’s errors that decide this one. Bellis in 3.

Kerber Friedsam : Kerber was solid in a straight sets win against Tomljanovic. Friedsam had a fairly easy time with Dolehide, who is really proving to be able to lose to anyone. She’ll need to figure something new out to remain on tour, as there is lot of new talent moving up the rankings. Kerber playing her compatriot is a comfortable environment, and that’s what she needs early on to have a good run here. Friedsam is a talented player, but lacks a big weapon to hurt Kerber. This could be an entertaining match, but Kerber should Kerber. Kerber in kerber.

Li Riske : Li overcame one of the sharper players since the tour’s return, and now is slated as a somewhat sizable underdog (+230) against the errorprone server named Alison Riske. I don’t see her as being that much of a dog, but the trouble with thinking she can overcome this hurdle is she doesn’t really have big weapons. Her game reminds me a big of Kenin without the backhand, so maybe something closer to Diyas, wh

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Western & Southern Open Women's Round 2 Writeup

What a win by Cornet against Kenin! What a win by Kudermetova against Pliskova! It seems like winning a major spells a run of unexpected losses, and we'll see if Kenin and Pliskova bounce back next week. For now though, this is who's left :

Mladenovic Mertens : Mertens is my favorite. Has been for some time, and it’s convenient because she’s been the most consistent performer on tour for the last year or so. Mladenovic has sparks of brilliance, but more than sparks are needed against the complete game of Mertens. The shortened season means a lot of events are up for grabs and with Pliskova losing Mertens will be on good shape for a few easier rounds here. Mertens in 2.

Anisimova Pegula : Oof, for all the bettors backing Brady. Generally we see the winner from the previous week drop out of the event, but with the shortened season that will be less frequent. That fatigue both mental and physical can translate to some early losses, and oddly even though you’ll enter the next event feeling like you’re on your game, it’s difficult to stay grounded and competitive. Pegula took good advantage of this and proved that Bellis’ win against her last week was a bit more impressive than I thought. I had picked Pegula to win and she looked relatively subdued, but in hindsight she really was just a bit outclassed on the day. Anisimova beat Riske, whose coaches still seem unwilling to work on her forehand. There’s something to the idea that having reached a ranking with a style means you have kinda gotten all you can out of your game, but Riske’s forehand is a consistent problem and fires well only a few weeks of the year. Anisimova played well and the backhand is great. This is a tough one to call, and it’s great for tennis anytime two players playing well be the reason for that. I’m still doubting Anisimova a little, but the backhand was the main reason Bellis was able to defeat Pegula, so I think this will be uphill for her. Someone in 3.

Bellis Sabalenka : Bellis is the answer to the question, what would someone named CC Bellis probably look like? Sabalenka is the answer to the question, that’s pretty good, you got anything bigger? Bellis has proven effective at shutting down big hitters in the past few weeks, and Sabalenka is the biggest hitter the tour has seen in quite some time. Andreescu, Yastremska, Osaka, Keys, Williams are of course huge strikers of the ball, but there is something about Sabalenka’s winners that makes me laugh and shake my

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2020 Australian Open 3rd Round Men's & Women's Singles

Round 3 is here and the matchups are getting juicy, with not only the 4th round on the line but many people’s status on tour in metaphysical jeopardy. The frequency of 5-setters is awesome for the spectator but also exhausting, as switching around ESPN+ is too tempting. I prefer jokerstream, as the sheer number of popups you have to deal with if you try to change the volume or switch to another stream is so daunting that you likely just sit absolutely still once you get one open. I know ESPN and is trying and they are a fledgling streaming service, but the lack of Bovada popups and push-ads about messages in my inbox from online dating services kinda makes me think they don’t care. Whatever, let’s play tennis.

Nadal vs Carreno Busta : To the guy who suggested I put v. in between the names, I’m fairly certain you could have pieced it together, but also your suggestion will make the formatting better, so I’ll give home ec a shot. Nadal is having his usual boring walk through the draw, and played well at the ATP Cup so there’s no reason to think he’s in anything but his best form. Carreno Busta prior to his injury was starting to look like he’d overtake Diego Schwartzman’s role of constantly playing Nadal and pressing him despite having not much chances to win, and his resurgence has been nice to see, but he’s not up to this speed yet. There should be some great rallies in this one and I expect more breaks of serve than usual, but Nadal should win this in 3-4.

Kyrgios vs Khachanov : Kyrgios is 2/2 on trying, and that’s good to see. Khachanov’s line kept shifting towards Ymer and while I like Ymer’s progress, I didn’t expect that he’d be able to compete at that level yet. A 10-8 tiebreaker proves that he can, and Khachanov clutched it but I’m inclined to think that makes him the underdog here. Last round doesn’t predict this one though, and this is another big test for Nick’s resolve. Khachanov takes 0 points off, serves very well, and hits harder than Kyrgios. Kyrgios has the bigger serve, and the concept that his peak tennis beats anyone on tour is generally true, so this one if a will he/won’t he matchup. When I looked at the odds for this round, all I really saw were a bunch of underdogs up against people who I did not think could properly dismiss their challenger, and this is the first of those. If Kyrgios can notch a win here against Khach, he may have his first real shot to beat one of the big 3 in a major. If he lapses as he did against Simo

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Le Bilan - Ligue 1 Matchday 20 : People trashing Ligue 1 in the match threads. Here you fucking go. This is Ligue 1. No good matches with no good teams, but when it does get it, it's done.

After two cup matches, Ligue 1 is finally back in this new year. What will 2020 hold for us ? What are the teams' new resolutions and will they stick to it ?


  • Marseille started 2020 like they finished 2019. By winning. Not prettily this time but efficiently, with Kevin Strootman, of all people, scoring the decisive goal. With 8 victories out of the last possible 9, yet another time against a direct podium competitor, it would be a huge surprise if they don't play the Champions League next year.
  • Lyon took their time but the overall quality of the team prevailed against Bordeaux. After being down 1-0 due to a brainfart from Joachim Andersen, they managed to step up after half-time, allowing Cornet and Dembélé to secure a third win in a row in 2020 (after two wins in the two cups in the previous week).
  • Nîmes won 2-0 against Reims, which is quite an event. First because Reims is a quality team, albeit not that much away, but mostly because the last win from Nîmes was in september. Back then Sylvinho was Lyon's coach, Antoine Kombouaré hadn't yet arrived in Toulouse and Australia still had koalas.
  • The "sometimes french, sometimes german" derby saw the promoted team Metz pick up three points over an offensively weakened Strasbourg. John Boye scored the only goal of the match and yes his name is glorious.
  • The biggest upset of the weekend was the loss of Lille in Dijon 1-0. At least if you take the overall rankings. In fact, Lille has been atrocious away from home since the beginning of the season with only 5 points out of 30, making the northern team 18th in the league away (while being 1st at home, in front of PSG). Let's say Christophe Galtier was not happy about that loss, screaming at his players in the locking room talking about those "painter teams" Lille keeps losing against. Meanwhile, Dijon is still firmly in the relegation battle but ends the weekend at the "least shit of the pack" position.
  • Speaking of shit, imagine being at the bottom of the table, with your last win being almost three months ago, starting the year by being eliminated of the Coupe de France by a fourth division team no one had even heard about before and, in the first L1 match of 2020, conceding a goal after 7 minutes. How would you feel ? Yeah, pretty bad. But now you have a new coach and suddenly everything changes ! In four minutes one of your centrebacks Zinédine Zidanes his way to glory by scoring a double header, putting you ahead after only 20 min
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Discussion: 2018 Wimbledon Championships - Day 2 (Tuesday, July 3rd)

The Championships, Wimbledon 2018 - Day 2 (Tuesday, July 3rd)

STREAMS ↑ Streaming in the top bar
WIMBLEDON Schedule, Scoreboard, Radio, Draws (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD), Bracket Contest
CHAT #reddit-tennis, /r/tennis Discord

MATCHES (1st Round)

Nadal (2) d. Sela 6-3, 6-3, 6-2 Khachanov d. Ferrer 6-1, 7-6, 3-6, 7-5
A Zverev (4) d. Duckworth 7-5, 6-2, 6-0 Robert d. Ramos Vinolas 7-6, 6-2, 6-1
Del Potro (5) d. Gojowczyk 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 Herbert d. M Zverev 6-4, 6-3, 6-4
Baghdatis d. Thiem (7) 6-4, 7-5, 2-0 ret. Haase d. Copil 7-6, 7-5, 4-6, 7-6
Ebden d. Goffin (10) 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 Paire d. Jung 7-5, 7-6, 6-4
Djokovic (12) d. Sandgren 6-3, 6-1, 6-2 Benneteau d. Fucsovics 7-5, 7-5, 6-3
Schwartzman (14) d. Basic 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 Simon d. Basilashvili 6-1, 7-6, 6-1
Kyrgios (15) d. Istomin 7-6, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3 Fritz d. Sonego 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-2
Berrettini d. Sock (18) 6-7, 6-7, 6-4, 7-5, 6-2 Klahn d. Sugita 2-6, 7-6, 6-2, 6-2
Fognini (19) d. Daniel 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 F Lopez d. Delbonis 6-3, 6-4, 6-2
Albot d. Carreno Busta (20) 3-6, 6-0, 6-7, 6-2, 6-1 Bolelli d. P Cuevas 7-6, 7-6, 6-1
Edmund (21) d. Bolt 6-2, 6-3, 7-5 Kukushkin d. Pospisil 6-4, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3
Nishikori (24) d. C Harrison 6-2, 4-6, 7-6, 6-2 Vesely d. F Maye
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2020 Australian Open 2nd Round Men's and Women's Singles

Nothing makes me happier than having predictions absolutely implode in my face. There were some tough upsets in the first round, and some tense moments as the usual “heavy favorite down two sets” situations rolled out. I saw a number of people on reddit cursing the rain, and their frustration at having to wait to lose a 20$ parlay that was never going to hit anyway is almost worth witnessing the ignorance of someone not wanting Australia to get rain. If I had my way the next two weeks would be a downpour in that lovely country of jumbled up animals and lightly pickled people. Nobody cares what I think though, so on with the predictions.

Nadal Delbonis : Nadal made quick work of his first round, and here is another “we don’t fix the draw” matchup against a claycourter. Shocker, the winner will likely face PCB in the next round, and if things go the predictable way we should see a fresh Nadal into the 3rd to face Kyrgios or Khachanov. Sousa’s movement was severely hampered and now the math adds up from why Pospisil seemed like he was overwhelming Sousa with pace in their match two weeks ago. Delbonis has a good game for holding serve because he goes big, but this is oneway traffic. Nadal in 3.

Gojowczyk PCB : After a brief scare, both of these unique players are through to the second round. PCB will stand as a pretty heavy favorite here, as Gojowczyk tends to produce his best tennis indoors and at the 250 level. The serving woes and tendency to appear at duece in every game will give PCB some difficult moments here as Gojo will go big and he can catch fire, but ulitmately PCB is the better all-around player. PCB in 4-5.

Kyrgios Simon : Kyrgios played solid in his opener against Sonego and Simon dispatched Cuevas a bit quicker than I expected given his somewhat slow start to the season. This is a faketest for Nick, as Simon is going to keep returning the ball until you manage to hit it through him. Nick will have to look for cheap points on his serve as his game during the rally is effective but his weight of shot is not always such that Simon will just break down. The longer the rallies the better for Simon, who will be quietly hoping for a Kyrgios implosion. We might get it for one set, but most likely Kyrgios continues to plug along, and with McEnroe’s publicly announced 1k donation per Kyrgios set-win, he should have some extra frustration/motivation/mental gymnastics that I hope go in the right direction. Kyrgios in 4.

*Ymer Khachanov :

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Le Bilan - Ligue 1 Matchday 21 : Metz que un club

Now that the round of 16 of the Coupe de France is settled and that we know who will be in the Coupe de la Ligue final (PSG and Lyon), it's time to focus again on Ligue 1. And while some teams have already been occupied quite a lot since the start of january, others have played only once in the last month.


  • In terms of efficiency, that wasn't paroxystic. On the entertainment level however, the opening match of the matchday, Nice-Rennes, was certainly up there with no less than 44 shots (but only 9 on target). The two red and black teams went at each other relentlessly on friday night and produced a show that probably served more Ligue 1 publicity than themselves with a 1-1 result that doesn't help much in the ranking.
  • Marseille, playing without Payet, Sarr and Kamara (all suspended), couldn't beat Angers on saturday afternoon, ending the game frustrated with a poor 0-0. To be fair, it seems that Angers didn't even try to do more than "not lose", with 4 shots in the whole game for the black and white team (0 on target). A bad result on paper for Marseille but with Rennes not taking more points it's not too bad in the end.
  • Right when most people thought they were back on track with a new coach and an overall new feeling of positivity, Monaco fumbled and did it with style, losing 3-1 at home against Strasbourg. It's becoming a bit difficult to understand what exactly is wrong with the team that should easily fight for the podium given the squad they have. On the other side, with 5 wins in the last 6 L1 matches, things are going well for Strasbourg after a rough autumn. Ludovic Ajorque already scored his 8th goal this season.
  • Thanks to an early goal from the inevitable Habib Diallo (already 11 goals this season, 58% of the goals from his team), Metz won in Reims, their second straight victory. A much needed win that offers a breath of fresh air for a team that has spent a long time in the bottom three and that has got now a 5-point buffer zone. Reims continues to disappoint in this start of 2020, notably because of their poor attack (see below).
  • Saint-Étienne woke up ! After 4 losses in a row in L1 (but still alive in the Coupe de France), les Verts won, albeit a bit tediously, against a still struggling Nîmes 2-1 in a match that saw two goals (one for each side) denied by VAR. Considering how tight the midtable is, it's still possible for them to reach an european spot.
  • Lyon started their sunday match with a little scare at the
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📅︎ Jan 27 2020
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