The Lion, The Spider and the Worm

I’m making this thread to ask if folks can give me some feedback on this ability I have. It’s for a few stories I’m working on and I’m pretty happy with it but I feel like there’s a kink in it somewhere. It’s kind of high concept and idk if it’ll be as good without the full background but please just judge it as if it were a normal Nen ability. So if anyone has any ideas about it let her rip, just fucking fling those juicy hot potatoes into my open mouth. I’ll take it all. I’m the potato man dude man dude!!

Character Profile: This user is a young Queen (from the ages of 8-12) who has come to the realisation that despite having some control over her kingdom the power is relegated over to her by her advisors. The advisors are generally good willed but will only give her options that they want when making a decision. On top of that she is regularly getting visits from ambassadors from other kingdoms who will straight up lie to her. Plus there is the looming threat of assassination over her head and looking after her people. While her security is always on guard she would like some protection and agency of her own. To counter the advisors and assassinations she has had her security teach her Nen and has developed this ability, based off her favourite children’s book.

The Lion, the Spider and the Worm: Only when the Queen sits on the throne three Nen beasts are conjured, each with different abilities. The three Nen beasts are based off an illustrated children’s book of the same name. As such each of the beasts has a little human childs face - a feature that was very endearing in the illustrated story and is still endearing to the user and other children but makes all the adults that look upon the beasts shudder. All the beasts require gyo to see besides the Queen so most folks don’t even see them (think of like a more innocent looking Koh the face stealer or this fucking thing woahhhh)

The Lion: The lion (who sits next to the throne) in the story represented loyalty to his friends and as such can detect disloyalty in others, as well as lies. If someone lies to the Queen the lion will roar once but this does not detect lies via omission (you can guess where the inspo for this one came from). If the lion detects ill intent or treachery towards the Queen, the lion will roar continually un

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Frau Dursley made me change my name

Hello Just Nos! I'm back from a 3 month hiatus.

Just a bit of recap: Frau Dursley was my host mother when I lived in Germany on student exchange many years ago. She had 6 children: 5 daughters, 1 son. Daughters 1-3 and Son were from her first marriage, daughters 4 and 5 from her second. Only D3 (21 - SG) from her first marriage still lived at home.

D3 and I lived on basement level of the 3 story home (built into side of a hill) D4 (12) and D5 (8) lived on top floor with Herr and Frau Dursley.

My name was Rachel. Growing up I had no real attachment to this name. It was bland. It was popular. There was at least one other Rachel in every class I had at school. One memorable year there were 5 of us.

"Rachel" was weird for Germans, who didn't have the same vowel pronunciation as English vowels. (Disclaimer, they do, but employ umlauts to signify that change). Anyone who looked at my name would pronounce it Rahch-elle or Rah-chelle, with the Gaelic pronunciation of "ch" as in 'loch'.

But everyone was pretty cool when I politely corrected them. It wasn't that hard to get right. There was no 'trick' letters like Hungarian "sh" which is actually pronounced "s", or Russian "B" that's actually "V". No highly specific and uncommon pronunciation like the Zulu clicks. It's not a hard name to fuck up.

But Frau Dursley just could. not. say. it. right.

I couldn't figure out why at the time. She would stretch her small, thin-lipped mouth into ridiculous shapes, frog-like, and would scrunch up her face like she was trying to get out Klingon. Looking back it was probably deliberate.

Germans roll their "r"s, and she would unnecessarily stretch out the first letter, like a drumroll for her pronunciation performance. Then she would stretch out the sides of her mouth, lips open, and produce this 'eeee' sound, not "ah" as in "car", nor "ae" as in "care", or even like the "a" of "Anton", it was this almost-but-not-quite "eh" sound, but like super stressed. Then there would always be a pause, like she needed to catch her breath after the strenuous outpouring of "rrrrrrreeeeeee" before she carried on. She would get a mostly an English "ch", but very harsh, and round off my name with "eel", which she would also hyper extend. Sometimes it sounded like "ew-l", sometimes it sounded like "ill".

I'm a patient person. I understand language difficulties and unfamiliar pronunciation, I was struggling with German. But I made a fucking effort. At the end of three months it irri

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Tanks, a history. Pt. 1.

Alright kids, time for some god-damned history in armored warfare. Tanks, thats right. TANKS. NOT THESE. These are Armored Personel carriers/ Infantry Combat Vehicles. NOT the same thing. So don't use the term tank for something that carries soldiers around. Now, most people attribute the initial concept of a tank to World War 1. However, the history of the tank goes back even farther. It was only the invention of the internal combustion engine, armor plating, and continuous tracks that gave rise to the modern tank. Many sources imply that Leonardo da Vinci (yes, this guy) and H.G. Wells in a way foresaw/invented the tank. Leonardo's late 15th century drawings depicted a vehicle that many would describe as a 'tank'. A man powered, wheeled land vehicle with cannons all around it. However, like most of his other inventions, it never left the drawing board. H.G. Wells described machines in a 1903 short story called 'The Land Ironclads'. These are a step closer. Armour plated, internal power plant, and being able to cross trenches. The story actually foresaw some of the tactical and impact that the machines would have. Sadly, most of the technologies used in the Ironclads were outdated by the time of the writing. There's more history here with the invention of the caterpillar track, but including that would make this post really long. The first combinations of the three principal components of the Tank appeared a decade before the outbreak of World War 1. In 1903, a Captain Levavasseur of the French Artillery proposed mounting a field gun to a armored box on tracks. Yes. The French. Eight years later, a Lieutenant Engineer in the Austrian army presented to the Austrian and Prussian War ministries plans for a light, three-man tank with a revolving turret. In the same year, an Australian Civil Engineer named Lancelotde Mole submitted a basic design of a tracked, armored vehicle to the British War Office. In Russia, Vasiliy Mendeleev designed a tracked vehicle containing a large gun. But by 1914, all of these ideas were rejected and forgotten. It was officially acknowledged after the war that de Mole's design was at

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