Swedish brand Björn Borg collaborates with designer Ryan Hawaii for new underwear collection
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📅︎ Nov 06 2018
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Swedish underwear brand Björn Borg provokes Russia twitter.com/bjornborg/sta…
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📅︎ Sep 26 2013
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Any “Nude” underwear type based on your skin tone?


3 years ago I noticed Björn Borg’s skin collection which had 6 skin colors. I don’t see them available anywhere anymore. I’m Latino so I would need a brown color to match my skin. Is there any brand that you know of that might do those colors?

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📅︎ Nov 29 2019
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Football Casual Subculture - A Small Guide

The Casual Subculture scene was relatively quick but opened the door to designer clothing to many of the residents of England in the 1980s. The style was quirky at times but was synonymous with expensive clothing and the expensive brands from elsewhere in Europe. Not to be confused with Chavs this is a small rundown of the casual subculture scene. For further info on British clothing subcultures read /u/Syeknom's piece on British Subcultures


The Casual Subculture originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s to early 1980s and has its roots in association football (Soccer) and symbolized by hooliganism. Many of these “hooligans” would wear designer clothing labels and expensive sportswear which would make them harder to be spotted by policemen. The colours of the club weren’t worn so it was made easier to infiltrate groups and pubs of rival teams.

The subcu

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📅︎ Mar 17 2013
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[ID] Sneakers named after a tennis player?

Hey! This is gonna be a vague ID request with no pics, and I apologize for that, but if anyone knows the answer I'll be really grateful.

A few years back I had some sneakers that I really liked, but unfortunately I lost them in a move ages ago. I'd love to get a new pair, but I've forgotten the name of the brand. Here's what I know:

  • I bought them in Europe, so it might very well have been a European brand.
  • The name of the brand was a person's name, and that person did some sort of sport, maybe tennis. It was not Björn Borg.
  • The shoes themselves were dark blue and orange, with a kind of non-organic mesh fabric on top of the shoe. They were quite sporty.


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📅︎ Apr 11 2015
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