Citations Needed Ep. 162: How the “Data-Driven” Label Sanitizes Cruel Austerity Politics…
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[For Sale] NEW METAL records - A LOT of new additions: Amon Amarth, Enslaved, Evoken, Contortionist, Esoteric, Amenra, Heaven Shall Burn, Coldworld, The Ocean, Suicide Forest, Cryptopsy, Harakiri for the Sky, Leviathan, Zao, Acid Mammoth, Austere, Hardcore, Black, Doom, Post metal, 215 titles

Been awhile since I posted; lots of new titles in stock.

All records are new and unplayed; some may have been popped open to verify color. I run a small site where I (mostly) import titles from a distributor that are traditionally tough to get in the US. Still a pricey proposition with international shipping, but I am usually cheapest on Discogs (and even cheaper direct) and faster for US residents obviously.

Flat rate shipping of $4.50. I pack well protected in a box not a mailer, bubble wrapped with cardboard protection, and ship to the US only. Prices are firm, there's really no wiggle room here. If I can trim a bit off, I'll offer it up when figuring a total.

I can provide pictures of any, just ask. If you want to know specifically if a title has been popped open to very color of if it's still sealed, just ask.


100 Demons - S/T (red) 14.00

1349 - Hellfire (red) 27.00

1349 – Liberation (gold) 21.00

1349 ‎– The Infernal Pathway (sun yellow vinyl) 33.50

1782 ‎– From The Graveyard (red w/ black splatter) 29.50

1782 / Acid Mammoth - Doom Sessions Vol. 2 (Purple) 30.00

A Pale Horse Named Death - When the World Becomes Undone ( hand #'d box set) 51.50

Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs (black) 28.00

Acid Mammoth - Acid Mammoth (blue/purple merge) 29.50

Acid Mammoth - Caravan (coloured vinyl) 29.50

Acid Mammoth - Under Acid Hoof (coloured vinyl) 29.50

Addaura - Burning For the Ancients 19.00

Amenra - Mass VI (black) 23.00

Amon Amarth ‎– Twilight Of The Thunder God (black, 180G vinyl remaster) 28.50

Anachitis - The Sorcerer's Sorrow (clear / smoke) 27.00

Aquilus - Arbor (black) 21.00

Arkangel ‎– Hope You Die By Overdose (grey) 33.50

Arkangel ‎– Is Your Enemy (black) 27.50

Audn - Farvegir Fyrndar (black) 26.50

Audn - Vokudraumsins Fangi (crystal clear) 33.50

Austere ‎– To Lay Like Old Ashes (black) 31.00

Backfire! - In Harm's Way (gold) 23.50

Bathory - Requiem (180g black) 29.50

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin ‎– Stygian Bough Volume I (Purple Marbled) 30.50

Belzebong - Light The Dankness (orange) 30.50

Bison BC - Lovelessness 17.75

Black Metal - The Cult Never Dies Volume One 32.00

Black Sheep Wall ‎– It Begins Again (black) 26.50

Borgne - Y (black) 25.50

Bossk - Audio Noir (black) 20.00

Bound in Fear - The Hand of Violence (transparent w/ blood splatter) 10.00

Bretus - Aion Tetra 18.00

Burn The Priest ‎– Legion: XX (mint green) 24.50

Burzum - Thulêan Mysteries (clear) 29.50

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2021 Bartons

Leoville Barton £334/6. 2020 was £365/6, 94 JA, 96-97 JS, 94 JR.

AG 92-94  |  JA 94

NM 93-95  |  WK 93-95  |  LPB 90-92

“The 2021 Ch. Léoville Barton has a fantastic Cabernet-dominant nose of blackcurrant leaf and graphite notes and a lovely earthy freshness. On the palate, the fruit is layered and deceptively juicy. The tannins bring dynamic structure and energy to the palate, while overall the clarity and precision of the wine is impressive. A highlight in Saint-Julien. Blend: 84% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc”


2021 Langoa Barton

£177/6 - 2020 waas £358/12 (this year, for those who cant do the maths, is £354/12 equivalent, so the same release price as 2019) 93-95 FV, 17 JR.

AG 90-92  |  JA 92

NM 91-93  |  WK 92-94  |  LPB 89-91

“Ch. Langoa Barton is always the later ripening of the two Léovilles under the Barton family’s ownership and while there is a hint of greenness on the nose, the wine is neither lean nor austere. It is very well balanced with even-set tannins and great vibrancy to the palate. The tannic flex brings good levels of bold intensity for the vintage, while remaining supple and layered. A floral, scented lift adds further complexity. Blend: 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 36% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc”


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📅︎ May 23
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2021 Montrose


Cabernet Sauvignon 62%, Merlot 31%, Cabernet Franc 6%, Petit Verdot 1%
“This is almost a return to Montrose’s restrained classicism of the 1990s. But there is a polish and finesse evident of the progress made here since then. Surprisingly, the harvest was done by 6th October, but there was no rush; everything was ripe. The wine’s airy architecture recalls 2014, because of its sapid freshness and firm tannin. But it’s also graceful and intense; its precise cool fruits float above the tensile support of those tannins. It builds in intensity with each taste – a very fine result. Drink 2028-2050.”
18.5/20. Berry Bros & Rudd, May 2022

“The 2021 Montrose is very clean and precise on the nose. You could almost describe it has clinical, crushed stone infusing the black fruit and briar. It is not as intense as the previous two vintages, which is to be expected, though the Cabernet Sauvignon is expressive. The palate is medium-bodied with sappy black fruit and fine acidity; a Monrose that is very tensile and focused. Moderate grip and volume, this is a more slimline version of recent vintages, a reflection of the growing season. Maybe it just misses the bravura finish that one has almost come to expect from this estate, yet it has the potential to become an aristocratic, classic Montrose. Drink 2025 – 2050.”
93-95/100. Neal Martin, Vinous, May 2022

“The 2021 is a fine choice for Montrose fans who want to drink the Grand Vin without waiting for decades. I imagine the slightly high amount of Merlot also helps in giving the Grand Vin a measure of suppleness that is rarely found in Montrose. Gentle extractions bring out gorgeous purity in the fruit. Scorched earth, licorice, rose petal and blood orange develop in the glass, followed by a kick of Montrose structure on the finish. The 2021 is not an especially typical Montrose, but it is an undeniably attractive wine. The 13.1% alcohol has not been seen here in years. Drink 2031-2051.”
94-96/100. Antonio Galloni,, May 2022

“A brilliant achievement, the 2021 Montrose is reminiscent of a purer, more precise, modern-day version of the estate's 1996. Unwinding in the glass with aromas of blackcurrants, pencil shavings, sweet loamy soil, black truffle and nicely integrated new oak, it's full-bodied, layered and concentrated, with terrific depth at the core, lively acids and a seamless, harmonious profile. Exhibiting beautifully refined tannins and an impressive sense of com

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Alvar Tenebris Evangelion (ep. II)

[Nordavogur City, Northeast coast of Snorri, 7 years ago]

“Oh no! Princess Bright has been kidnapped by the Abomination King! We have to save her.”

Freja had a light-up Jolla tree ornament strung up on a coat hanger to represent the princess, while the evil king was represented by a By-Leika TrainMorpher^TM character named Negatus Max. Staring down the villain were four authentic ONYX action figures, which were a little battle-worn, since Freja had inherited them from her mother.

“We need to cut through this abomination army!” said Dagmar, shaking her Naila Jade figure while she spoke.

The abominations were in many cases figures molded from plasticine clay, given terrible shapes. When those were insufficient, more were built from By-Leika LockBlox^TM and yet more were represented by dog toys and assorted socks. Once the attacking army was assembled, it was time for the Harrowers to start the fight.

“For the glory of Bright City!” cried Freja, whipping her Ysobel figure’s flail at a particularly nasty sock monster.

“Oh no! Help me!” cried Dagmar, her Naila figure getting tackled by a plasticine abomination. But then she grabbed the Xandra Bloodstone toy. “I’ll save you!” And she shot the monster with an arrow.

“Team ONYX, assemble!” Freja held aloft her figure of Octavia Sapphire, the team leader.

Dual-wielding Octavia and Ysobel, Freja cut through the enemy hordes with her scythe and flail. Meanwhile, Dagmar joined in, attacking with Naila’s daggers, while Xandra provided support from the back. The army was defeated, and they had to face the king.

“You think you can defeat me so easily?” Dagmar put on a deep voice as she held up the Negatus action figure. “You still haven’t met my champion.”

“Rawr!” shouted Freja, bringing forth the most terrifying beast yet. It was a dragonbear that she had constructed using By-Leika Mechanix^TM. It was a bare metal frame; all the joints were visible as she moved the legs. But the wings did go up and down, and its mouth opened and closed, so it was sufficiently terrifying.

“I’ll go for the underbelly,” said Dagmar, moving her Naila figure. “Cover me, Xandra!” And with Xandra she loosed arrows while Freja made the monster lumber forwards, snapping its jaw at Naila.

Their play time was swiftly interrupted by the sound of an alarm coming from outside. Both girls immediately dropped their toys and stood up. Through the large picture window in their play attack, they could look out at the beach, and see the thick

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2021 Carruades de Lafite

89-91 Neal Martin

91-93 Antonio Galloni

91 - Jane Anson: "A ton of concentration and hidden power, this is a Carruades that is very Lafite in style, subtle with pencil lead, slate, Pauillac signature, intense but with clear austerity, touches of fennel, rosebud and dried leaf. Mouthwatering, with plenty to get hold of. Has the focus and tunnel vision of Lafite and needs time in bottle, should be at its peak within 10 to 15 years. 1st year organic conversion. 40% of overall production, 34hl/h yields."

$1,230/6 (750ml) @ Millésima

$205 per bottle @ Millésima

2020 (AG - 91-93; LPB - 91-93): $1,500/6 or $250 per bottle @ Millésima

2019 (JA - 93; LPB 92-94): $222 @ Millésima

Prices are EP pricing during release. Liv-Ex conclude this is the best value vintage of Carruades available on the market.

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I made an EP for Crippled: Austerity and the Demonization of Disabled People, an upcoming book by Dr. Frances Ryan, about the harm austerity policies have caused disabled people in Britain. The book is set to be published on June 11 by Verso Books!…
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Going Underground EP.662: Special Guest John Pilger on “Approved News”, Syria, Iran, Austerity and Julian Assange…
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Hunslet 'Austerity' tank engine 'Lord Phil' at North Weald on the Epping Ongar Railway. A locomotive built for shunting operations during the Second World War
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Pop Rocket Ep. 168: On the Couch w/ Megan Auster-Rosen…
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Ep.4 New Units

Ep. 4 has brought some new units already- 12* Austere from the new PD difficulty, 12* Whiteal from title counts, 11* Kaiser (30pp 90 Melee/Range) 2 piece set and 11* Cyhacross (300hp 90 Melee/Tech) 2 piece set.

Anyone else found some solid new ones? The Kaiser and Cyhacross seem a bit unknown still- very strong starter units.

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📅︎ Aug 10 2020
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New Wozniak EP 'Auster' out 29 June!…
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Survival and Austere Medicine Book - Print Version

The print version of the book are finally available, in the buyer's choice of soft- or hardcover, and black and white or color illustrations, and priced accordingly.

Order with confidence direct from the printer - Lulu.

Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction 3rd Edition

For your library shelf – because once the grid goes down there may be no power for your computer - we are offering a print version that requires only eyesight and brainpower to access.

There are 4 print versions to choose from: black and white - either softcover or hardcover (the economy versions), or color - either softcover or hardcover (the deluxe version with the most useful illustrations).

For comparison purposes download a free copy of the pdf version, and then decide if the illustrations should be in color for your purposes, or is black and white will suffice.

The book is offered free of any royalty payments to the authors so that we can keep the cost of acquiring it as low as possible. The only charges are the printing and mailing costs – period.

Our incentive for writing this is simple: we believe in preparedness and having the tools at your disposal that may be called upon when the grid goes down. We are men and women with families ourselves, joined together to share our knowledge for the common good.

The Authors

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/r/Libertarian [spam filtered] eEconomics - ep. 10 - Austerity…
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Rory Gilmore's Book Reading Challenge - All 408 Books Referenced in Gilmore Girls. I don't think i can read every single book, it would take me years 😂
  1. 1984 by George Orwell
  2. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  3. Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
  4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  5. All the President’s Men by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
  6. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon
  7. An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser
  8. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
  9. Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt
  10. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  11. The Archidamian War by Donald Kagan
  12. The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, the Novel as a History by Norman Mailer
  13. The Art of Fiction by Henry James
  14. The Art of Living by Epictetus
  15. The Art of War by Sun Tzu
  16. As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner
  17. Atonement by Ian McEwan
  18. Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy
  19. The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  20. Babe by Dick King-Smith
  21. Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi
  22. Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie
  23. Bambi: A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten
  24. Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
  25. The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  26. Beloved by Toni Morrison
  27. Beowulf by Anonymous
  28. The Bhagavad Gita by Anonymous
  29. The Bielski Brothers: The True Story of Three Men Who Defied the Nazis, Built a Village in the Forest, and Saved 1200 Jews by Peter Duffy
  30. Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women by Elizabeth Wurtzel
  31. A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays by Mary McCarthy
  32. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  33. Brick Lane by Monica Ali
  34. Brigadoon by Alan Jay Lerner
  35. [Candide](
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DD NOK - Excellent Analysis from Yahoo Financials NOK thread


  1. First Stage---Disaster (Deteriorating fundamentals 1–2-years prior to dividend elimination) Shares decline 40 to 80 percent in value.

  2. Second Stage----Crisis Management (1-2-years)
    Company cuts spending, eliminates dividend, cash flow improves, improved company prospects. Shares still priced at a substantial discount to pears.

  3. The Third Stage----Financial Stabilization (3 years after dividend elimination)
    Company can operate on the cash it receives from its customers. Still not earning anything for its shareholders. However, survival is no longer in doubt and investors who bought shares of the company in stage one or two have doubled their money.

  4. The Fourth Stage----Recovery (4 years after dividend elimination)
    Company is capable of earning something for the shareholders and there is reason to expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. The shares have now quadruple from the low reached at the end of stage one or sometime in stage two. How things progress from here depend on how competitive the company has become versus its peers.


  1. Nokia’s First Stage --- Disaster (2016-2018)
    Deteriorating fundamentals, management’s fails to efficiently merge Alcatel-Lucent with Nokia and develop competitive 5G products, company in danger of losing its customer base.

  2. Nokia’s Second Stage --- Crisis Management (2017 through 2020 )
    2017 Nokia institutes an austerity program and budget, July of 2019 eliminates. Dividend, March of 2020 shares decline to $2.54, 5G products still not competitive, September 2020 loses $6 billion Verizon contract to Samsung, yearend 2020 cash flow improving. Nokia’s “second stage” ended roughly at the 3-year mark from the ALU/NOK merger.

  3. Nokia’s Third Stage --- Financial Stabilization (2021 through 2022)
    January 2021 Nokia is still not earning anything meaningful for its shareholders, however, prospects have greatly improved. At the current rate of improvement by the end of stage 3 around 8-01-2022 its survival will no longer be in doubt and investors who bought shares of Nokia in stage one or two most likely will have doubled or tripled their money.

  4. Nokia’s Fourth Stage --- Recovery (2023-- four years after dividend elimination)
    If all has gone well, Nokia is once again capable of earning something for its shareholders and investors sh

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Respect Nico di Angelo! (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

#Respect Nico di Angelo!


The teenage son of the Underworld god Hades and a mortal woman named Maria. Born in the 1930s, his mother was smited by Zeus in an attempt on him and his sister Bianca. Hades, only able to save his children from the attack, decided to wash away their memories in the River Lethe and had it arranged for the siblings to stay in a time-bending Las Vegas casino.

Emerging in the modern day, Nico and Bianca would spend some time at a boarding school before being attacked by monsters. Luckily, a team of demigods arrived to save them just in time - including the son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson. Nico rediscovered his godly heritage and bounced from villain to hero: while he initially hated Percy and his friends, he quickly became an ally to them and the half-blood world as a whole.

###Thread Guide

This respect thread draws from the novels that make up the main Percy Jackson canon, as well as spinoff material like the graphic novels, guidebooks, and ReadRiordan website.

All book feats are cited in the text of the feat itself. Feats from the graphic novels are marked with GN and feats from ReadRiordan are marked with RR. Feats will be sorted in chronological order across most categories since Nico becomes stronger over time.

#General Demigod Abilities

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Recommend me some DSBM

Hi guys, i'm listening (nearly) only bm for the past 3-4 years and i'm trying to delve into every subgenre. Anyway, nowadays i'm starting to think i need to approach this genre "for real" (i listened to some records, Nocturnal Depression mainly, but nothing "serious"), so i'd like for you to suggest me some records to start with. It may be some classic, but also not... Anyway, being my "first serious time" i'd like something memorable.

As for my taste, if you wanna know, i like a lot of bm: from symphonic to raw, from nsbm to oldschool, from atmospheric to cosmic. For what i don't like i can say: everything too close to punk, black'n roll (and all the rock'n roll stuff) and blackened death (i prefer "normal" dm).

As for now, i'm really addicted to "medieval black metal", you know, something like Darkenhold, Aorlhac and so on. Also, i like atmospheric and majestic works (think of the first Emperor), but also minimal (Burzum and Dungeon Synth).

I hope some of you can help me.
Anyway, thanks in advance!

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📅︎ Nov 22 2020
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I figured since a lot of questions are asked constantly I'd make a post that covers everything you need to know until NA is caught up with JP. This post will cover weapons, unit choices, skill rings, class combination priority, and augments that will make your life easier as a Bouncer as we race towards parity.

Generally speaking the weapon meta has put us in a position where main series coming in Episode 4 has already been powercrept considering Nemesis/Slave-NT series are meant to be for Episode 5 start power.

The following listing contains content SPOILERS for coming episodes, including bosses and future mechanics. Assuming SEGA doesn't deviate from release content too much, this is a general guide of what's to come.

Unit stats shown, unless individual pieces, shows the stats of the Rear of the set for a basis of the average defenses and resistances between the series. I highly suggest looking to the ARKS Visiphone Wiki if you'd like to view the entire set.

Episode 3.5:

There are a small bit of content that needs to be mentioned before we properly more into Episode 4 content.

Crafting: Crafting opens up customization for a ton of PAs and Technics in the game.

- It's a huge and meta shifting change that everyone will want to get for all their main classes.

- Bouncer in particular will want melee range damage technics crafts for future builds.

- Kestrel Rampage, Strike Gust, and Shifta/Deband are the universal required crafts.

- Kestrel Rampage crafted will kill Justice Crow's usage for more DPS and change SB gear management.

- Shifta and Deband will get more ticks per cast making upkeep easier to maintain Shifta Air Attack and Deband PP Restorate.

- Strike Gust will gain faster start up, shift action, damage spread, and the ability to continue the PA as long as you have PP. Obviously you are NOT going to be holding Strike Gust (C) for damage.


Union Series: Exchange Shop.

Moderate defensive upgrades over Ray. Bonus stats +75 HP +9 PP +25 All ATK

320 MEL DEF/320 RNG DEF/320 TEC DEF 2% MEL Resist/2% TEC Resist


Jupiter Tullus:

Introduced in Episode 4 UQ boss Phantasmal Battleship Yamato

This weapon is beyond busted with a low multiplier but an effect that fires a piercing bolt of thunder from every PA and **two from Kest

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[No Spoilers] We need Bo Welch, director of Ep. 7 and 8, back for Season 2!

If you look at the "Episodes" section on the ASOUE wikipedia page (,

you will see that interesingly, each episode, or more accurately each book, had different directors and different writers.

I think there has been an overwhelming consensus among viewers that Episode 7 and 8 were the best. It was well-paced, incredibly directed, and a wonderful conclusion for the series. They turned one of the more "boring" books into one of the most engaging and amazing.

Can we please upvote this and let producers (the ones who lurk on these boards) know that we appreciate Bo Welch's work and want him to direct episodes of Season 2? I'd love him back.

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📅︎ Mar 15 2017
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LULU - Accidental bull DD?


Connecting the dots on factory shortages, the shipping crunch, increased cost, and a potential disappointing holiday season

lululemon athletica inc. is estimated to report earnings on 12/09/2021.

Lululemon Athletica Inc. designs, distributes, and markets athletic apparel and accessories for women, men, and girls. Lululemon offers pants, shorts, tops, and jackets for both leisure and athletic activities such as yoga and running. The company also sells fitness accessories, such as bags, yoga mats, and equipment.

In the past 3 months - 0 insider buys, 39000 insider sells

P/E 75, not that anyone cares Morgan Stanley rates it a strong buy, while they have decreased their ownership in LULU as of 6/2021

Bull note - they have doubled EPS yoy

During  the  first  two  quarters  of  2021,  the  change  in  the  relative  value  of  the  U.S.  dollar  against  the  Canadian  dollar  resulted  in  a  $23.2  million  reduction  in  accumulated  other  comprehensive loss  within  stockholders'  equity.  During  the  first  two  quarters  of  2020,  the  change  in  the  relative  value  of  the  U.S.  dollar  against  the  Canadian  dollar  resulted  in  a  $14.6  million  increase  in  accumulated other  comprehensive  loss  within  stockholders'  equity.

Quick insert

The central bank’s pivot caused the price of two-year Canadian debt to plunge, raising yields by as much as a quarter of a percentage point, which could result in a repricing of the currency and various debt securities. The value of the dollar jumped a cent to 81 cents U.S.

Back to buisness

A  10% appreciation  in  the  relative  value  of  the  U.S.  dollar  against  the  Canadian  dollar  compared  to  the  foreign  currency  exchange  rates  in  effect  for  the  first  two  quarters  of  2021  would  have resulted  in  lower  income  from  operations  of  approximately  $15.0  million.  This  assumes  a  consistent  10%  appreciation  in  the  U.S.  dollar  against  the  Canadian

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On police reform, CTH ep 423 & 424 > Will: And the other thing that's been going on is that since 1968, or over the last 40 years, broadly, of American history, like, crime across every category of violent crime, in all parts of the country, everywhere, has gone steadily down, down, down. But police departments' budgets have gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, and police shootings have gotten worse and worse and worse. So, obviously, y'know, it's not about crime or keeping anyone safe. It's just like, the majority, I feel like, of LA, New York, the amount of money that they spend on their police departments, and the new budgets that they're trying to pass now, under y'know COVID quarantine where they're slashing everything else, they're doubling down on giving all these money to the police departments. And it's just like, at what point do we be like, "Do we really need these people?" I mean, even if you don't want to get rid of police departments entirely, could you maybe like, I dunno, cut their budgets or something?
Felix: Yeah, I mean, what other reason would there be for them to have fucking assault vehicles, and all this shit, unless they were supposed to be at war with the communities they're supposed to be protecting. There's no fucking reason for this! There's no fucking reason for this, unless you had complete fucking contempt for everyone that lives in the neighborhood. Which, y'know, they do.
Will: I think a large chunk of police departments' budgets have gone into buying plus-sized tactical gear for their... the warriors in blue.

  > Will: And I guess another thing I wanna say is like, I know the Minneapolis mayor has for a while talked about, "Oh, we need to get rid of this warrior cop mindset, and have like more community policing, or whatever," and it's just like...I dunno, that seems sort of like an empty measure, as well. Cuz it's just like, "Oh, I'll have a nicer cop that will just sit on my neck for 5 minutes while I choke to death, rather than one who's dressed like fucking Master Chief kicking in my door?" It's just, I dunno, like I mean, it's hard to like, this is a lot of things that people seem like they want to hear, but just overall... God, like, I'm sorry, this is gonna keep, it doesn't matter who or what the cops are, how they dress or whatever, they're still fucking cops. And their relationship to you, and especially to the poor communities that bear the

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REPRODUCTION: The Other Human League

In this installment, we’ll be investigating one of the most surprising debut LPs around: The Human League’s Reproduction, first released in 1979. Pretty much anyone with a general understanding of Western pop will already know the name of the Human League, and associate them, rightfully, with their early 80s hits like “Don’t You Want Me.” For many, the Human League were the first genuine synth-pop that they had ever heard, and their work in the 1980s has been immeasurably influential in bringing the notion of electronic pop into the mainstream. But before they were hitmakers and game-changers, the Human League were a very different band.

“Being Boiled” was the first thing the Human League would ever press to wax, way back in 1978. In most respects, this track is everything that “Don’t You Want Me” is not: its pace is languid, its structure is shapeless and meandering, and rather than a simple and relatable love story, its lyrics offer us a strange and opaque condemnation of the tortures endured by silkworms during textile production. While fascinating, and endearing in its own morbid way, “Being Boiled” does not exactly scream “hit record.” The Human League were not only a different band in a stylistic sense, but also with respect to their personnel, driven by a creative core comprised of budding synthesists Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. Prior to the release of the breakthrough album Dare, Marsh and Ware would abandon the group over creative differences, and go on to form Heaven 17 instead. It was vocalist Phil Oakey, and producer Martin Rushent, who would create the sound that their name is now so strongly associated with, and this early incarnation of the group is probably best thought of as an entirely different entity. This album, Reproduction, was their first full-length release, and is perhaps the best introduction to their pioneering sound.

“Circus of Death” had appeared as the B-side to “Being Boiled,” and was included once more as the second track on Reproduction. It has a lot in common with the other track it accompanied: a plodding pace, a dark and obtuse lyrical theme, and a sparse, fully electronic instrumentation. The Human League were among the first British

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9/11 Monstercat Song Birthdays!

Today is September 11th, 2021, Happy Birthday to...


Stonebank - What Are You Waiting For (VIP) which turns 1 year old today!

Infected Mushroom - Walking On The Moon (Bad Computer Remix) which turns 1 year old today!

Aero Chord - Tribe 303 which turns 2 years old today!

CloudNone - Welcome To London EP which turns 3 years old today!

Topi - Got To Be which turns 4 years old today!

Rogue - Ultimatum which turns 6 years old today!

Insan3lik3 (ft. Charlotte Haining) - Feel Alive which turns 8 years old today!


Meeting Molly - Indigo EP which turns 1 year old today!

Eskai - Mimi which turns 4 years old today!

MKT - Return To Human Condition EP which turns 7 years old today!

Stephen J. Kroos - Thymus EP which turns 9 years old today!

Dinka - Lotus EP which turns 9 years old today!

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2020 La-Gaffeliere

£294/6, available now with BBR

“Many believe that 2020 is the vintage for Merlot and after tasting the La Gaffeliere, one understands Merlot at its best. The colour is deep and dark, the nose is very expressive with dark fruits, chocolate, spice, mint and hints of cedar and vanilla. The palate is rich and vibrant with great freshness. The acidity balances the rich and ripe dark fruits, integrated supple tannins and expressive spice. The finish seemed to go on forever. I would suggest a little time in the cellar to fully realise its best. One of my wines of the 2020 EP tasting. Drink 2025-2040.”  
Berry Bros. & Rudd

“The 2020 La Gaffelière has an intriguing, complex nose, a mélange of red and black fruit, cigar box, undergrowth and mint, quite mercurial in the glass as it opens with aeration. The palate is medium-bodied with lithe tannins, a beautiful seam of acidity and perhaps the most satin-like texture I have encountered on a young La Gaffelière. It sashays to a harmonious and precise finish and lingers with wonderful mineralité. This is a magnificent prospect. Drink 2028-2060.”  
96-98/100, Neal Martin, Vinous

“The 2020 Canon La Gaffelière is a strict, severe wine, almost unnaturally so. At this stage, the 2020 is all acid and tannin, and yet behind that lies a vibrant core of fruit. The big Franc aromatics, often such a signature, are nowhere to be found. Inky red berry fruit, blood orange, spice and star anise emerge with a bit of coaxing, all framed by a spine of serious tannins that are at once incisive and well-balanced. Readers should plan on being patient, as the 2020 is going to need years to come around. Despite its reticence, the 2020 appears to have significant potential down the line. Drink 2032-2050.” 
94-96+/100, Antonio Galloni, Vinous

“Deep purple-black colored, the 2020 La Gaffeliere gallops out of the glass with exuberant scents of crushed black plums, boysenberries and fresh blackberries, plus hints of eucalyptus, dark chocolate, crushed rocks and iron ore, with a waft of lavender. The medium to full-bodied palate shimmers with compelling energy, delivering layers of black and red berries with fantastic tension and finely grained tannins, finishing very long and wonderfully minerally. Drink 2026-2050.”  
96-98/100, Lisa Perrotti-Brown, The Wine Advocate

**“**A run of successful vintages at La Gaffeliere, and this again proves why it is an estate to watch, striking an exper

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webcomic vs manga changes -- character development

The webcomic tends to do character development serially. Nothing happens with most characters most of the time. Then a lot happens to one character. Then, nothing happens with the characters. Then something big happens to the next one and so on and so on. As to the long-term effect of those happenings, we’ve not really seen them yet.

There are a lot of changes, but I think that a lot the change is much in keeping with what ONE said was his motivation for writing 'Mob Psycho 100':

>ONE*: "What I have in mind is to “tell a big story of one little step”. I don’t believe our lives change completely for the better at a short notice. It’s all the small progress we make that’s important — that’s what I think of while drawing this manga." --* Interviewed as part of Yamada Reiji’s Young Sunday ep.30, air date October 21 2015. Translated by u/kawausokappa Excerpted from: [ONE Interview](

The webcomic is a story that's his personal hobby where he needs only to have the audience buy in enough to read it. However, the manga, where he wants not just buy in, but people to want to literally buy copies of tankobon (as reading from chapter to chapter is free online), he's much more aware of what he wants to convey.

The webcomic tends to do character development serially. Nothing happens with most charactes most of the time. Then a lot happens to one character. Then, nothing happens with the characters. Then something big happens to the next one and so on and so on. As to the long-term effect of those happenings, we’ve not really seen them yet.

I thought I could divide the way he's doing development in the manga it into three parts.

A: You can't launch a rocket from a canoe.

Change is hard. Change as an adult is harder. ONE really doesn't believe in one grand crisis leaving a person changed forever. Having more space in the manga, he's putting in a lot of work into making sure the *foundations* are there for the character to build future change on.

To use an analogy, if you're not fit, you're not going to up and run a marathon, and the same is true emotionally. If you have never practised empathy, you will not suddenly become empathetic when you're confronted with the necessity of finding some.

ONE achieves this by first, letting characters experiences give them more opportunity to change gradually. Garou is an interesting example of this. The m

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2020 Leoville-Barton

“A full-bodied red that builds on the palate with lots of blackberry and blueberry character, as well as chocolate. Mineral and graphite undertones. Chewy, yet very integrated. Excellent, as expected.”




"Packed full of black chocolate shavings, liquorice, cocoa bean, concentrated cassis and bilberry fruits. Good quality, will bed down and age extremely well, with depth and character but also classicism. As with many in this corner of the Médoc peninsula in this vintage, the austerity to the tannins is very much to the fore right now. May be upscored when in bottle."




"Full bottle 1,345 g. Cask sample taken 6 April. 85.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14.5% Merlot. Aged for 18 months in barrel (60% new). Lustrous purple. Minerally, stony, saline nose. Really remarkably opulent on palate entry which almost distracts from those massive tannins underneath. There's just a suggestion of vintage port tannins here (not the sweetness). Very fine winemaking indeed. I have to admit I was tempted to swallow this, it was so majestic. I don't remember being as bowled over by a Leoville Barton at this early stage before. Lovely, confident, persistent finish.

Such grace!"




2019 was £324/6, scoring 94-96 from Neal. You can still buy it at or slightly below the original EP price. 2019 had 96 points from Anson, 95-96 Suckling, 18 from Jancis. I feel like I'd point people to 2019 if they were keen to buy some.

However, it is a good drinking wine absolutely. I probably wouldnt buy it for a cellar of £1000, but perhaps a cellar of £1500 and above.

2016 is now available at £456/6 and up, 18 at £370/6 and up.

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I have a theory right now about Cohle. Spoilers Ep 5.

Has Rust Cohle realized he's a character in a television show?

I haven't fully formed this theory. But read this review from tonight and consider it:

Here's the money quote:

>"Cohle describes the possibility of other dimensions existing, and he says that’s what eternity is," Pizzolatto continued. "He says that if somehow you existed outside of time, you’d be able to see the whole of our dimension as one superstructure with matter superimposed at ever position it had ever occupied. He says that the nature of the universe is your consciousness, and it just keeps cycling along the same point in that superstructure: when you die, you’re reborn into yourself again, and you just keep living the same life over and over. He also explains that from a higher mathematical vantage point, our dimension would seem less dimensional. It would look flattened, almost."

>Pizzolatto took a bite of his branzino. "Now, think about all the things Cohle is talking about," he said as he finished chewing. "Is he a man railing against an uncaring god? Or is he a character in a TV show railing against his audience? Aren't we the creatures of that higher dimension? The creatures who can see the totality of his world? After all, we get to see all eight episodes of his life. On a flat screen. And we can watch him live that same life over and over again, the exact same way."

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Netrunner: October roundup and chat. IT'S WORLDS!

Hey everyone! It's October! It's Worlds!

Q. Why did I miss a couple of months' summaries? A. I had an engineering thesis due a couple of weeks ago!


NISEI Worlds are taking place 9th-11th, livestreamed with full commentary:



  • Friday 9th- Sunday 11th October

Ticket Deadline is in a couple of days, so grab them NOW!

Plenty of other chat, games and stuff happening in and around worlds.

NewAndes livestreaming Worlds in spanish too!

NISEI Discord:

Retrunner Round 10

> RetRunner is a once-a-month-ish tournament where we started at the beginning with original core, and each new bracket we add in the next product, in release order. We're up to SanSan now, and we're playing all the way through Data and Destiny! This is a great opportunity for new players to experience some of the older metas!

Creative Projects

Mnemic updated their custom card project with 100+ new cards, revised previous cards, and streamed games with the Metropole Grid!

Netrunner Reboot Project

Reboot: Jumpstart

Honestly the coolest format. If you've missed it, Jumpstart generates a deck for both players. So cool.

Custom Card Mondays


  • Metropole Grid:
  • CodeMarvelous:



  • Green Level Clearance
  • NISEI Events
  • Netrunner Discord Server
  • The Slack

As usual, comment and let me know what's missing!

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Dutch General Election 2017 Megathread

Megadraad / Mégasujet / Megathread

Dutch General Election Wednesday March, 15th 2017


#Election system

Cycle: every 4 years, unless cabinet "collapses" before

Voting system: Party-list proportional representation

Apportionment method: D'Hondt method (slightly favours larger parties)

Total number of seats: 150

Electoral threshold: none (technically 1/150^th of the votes, ~0.67%, around 70.000 votes considering previous election turnouts)

Short summary:

The Netherlands has a multi-party system, with numerous parties, in which usually no one party ever secures an overall majority of votes, so that several parties must cooperate to form a coalition government. Contrary to popular belief, the largest party does not always deliver the Prime Minister, nor does it have to take part in the coalition. Two weeks after the elections, the new parliament will be installed in the lower house (Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal). Coalition formation can take much longer. Parties that will try to form a coalition, will hash out a draft coalition agreement or regeerakkoord. Ideally a cabinet should be chosen from parties which together form a majority (76 seats) in the House, in order to pass legislation efficiently.

A record number of 28 parties will take part in the general elections this year, which has not occurred anymore since 1933.

Example of the voting ballot of 2012 elections with 21 parties

Elaborate explanation of the Dutch political system by u/TonyQuark

Current government: VVD - PvdA


VVD | Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy)

> centre-right to right, economic liberalism, conservative liberalism

Mark Rutte | Current leading party. Together with D66 part of ALDE in the EP. Supportive of the free market: focusses on tax and allowance reduction and international trade. The party recently stressed the strengthening of the national security. Campaign leader Mark Rutte is currently attempting to win back voters who have defected to the PVV with a though stance on immigration and recently wrote an open letter calling on troublemakers in the society to 'act normal or leave'.

**PvdA | Partij van de Arb

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I Am Boycotting Pokémon Sword and Shield Unless It Includes These 1,144 British Themed Pokémon (Source: the Hard Times)

Pokémon Sword and Shield come out tomorrow and I am absolutely furious that there are only 400 Pokémon for me to catch and train. And no, I don’t give a shit about those old boring-ass Pokémon from the old games. When I say I want 1,000 Pokémon in the new game, I mean I want one fucking thousand brand spanking new British-themed Galarian littler monsters. And if Game Freak can’t get that to me? Well then I guess they really did lie.

Just to prove how easy it is to come up with 1,000+ perfect British-themed Pokémon, here’s some I came up with just off the top of my head:

  1. Horridteth
  2. Wellisayeon
  3. Bubblensqueak
  4. Fannyminge
  5. Gerbvais
  6. Bumbershoot
  7. Oyluv
  8. Bobsyer
  9. Unkill
  10. Scrummy
  11. Michael Caine
  12. Buggah
  13. Wuzzat
  14. Chisps
  15. Pip-piplup
  16. Sodoff
  17. Uwot
  18. Bandersnatch
  19. Cockup
  20. Pippip
  21. Cheerio
  22. Pubb
  23. Publican
  24. Knobknob
  25. Krumpit
  26. Guvnon
  27. Bloodiell
  28. Guvnonks
  29. Beensuntost
  30. Arrypott’a
  31. Gadzooks
  32. Blyemay
  33. Pokémony McPokemonface
  34. Shitedon
  35. Lobsterbakk
  36. Doctor Hoot
  37. Coknee
  38. Crispsnotchips
  39. BoJo
  40. Teaveon
  41. Chipsnotfries
  42. Snog
  43. Cocknee
  44. Crumpyrump
  45. Bulloxed
  46. Fancy
  47. Rumpypumpy
  48. Pissoff
  49. Torriegon
  50. Fistycuf
  51. Voltorb But He’s a Football
  52. Beensntoste
  53. Tosser
  54. Bollocksagor
  55. Beesnhoney
  56. Redcote
  57. Yeahbaby Shaggadellic
  58. Teetime
  59. Woofster and Sneeves
  60. Knifecrime
  61. Fiver
  62. Loicense
  63. Parlimance
  64. Expaticate
  65. James Pond
  66. Coloknee
  67. The Queen’s Corgi
  68. Cops without guns
  69. Kwid
  70. The King’s Corgi
  71. Jogon
  72. Leftsideroad
  73. Bruvbruv
  74. Aroightnah
  75. Rundabout
  76. Twat
  77. Brexitchu
  78. Togepissoff
  79. Obeehayve
  80. Stagdo
  81. Treesamay
  82. Anglitoucan
  83. Gandolfledore
  84. Tikkamasala
  85. What’s All This Then
  86. Gin
  87. Bangupjob
  88. Bangers
  89. Tonic
  90. Bangernmash
  91. NotNorthernIreland
  92. Kipper
  93. Awritemate
  94. Pennyfarthing
  95. Gorm
  96. Hugh
  97. Brexeggutor
  98. Pudding
  99. Hedgesnog
  100. Hughtwo
  101. MeatPudding
  102. BloodPudding
  103. Bludywanker
  104. Snogsuruncle
  105. Bipptyboppity
  106. Faragicus
  107. Bobsyouruncle
  108. Righttwato
  109. The Bleatles
  110. Metrisystem
  111. Timeywimey
  112. Fleabag
  113. Peakyblinders
  114. Farfetch’d
  115. Foreskiny
  116. Shakespierce
  117. Snourlax
  118. Orignaloffish
  119. Telyborg
  120. Arse
  121. Shite
  122. Bitsnbnobs
  123. Keepclam
  124. Cownton Abbey
  125. Carrion
  126. Bell End
  127. Supercalifragilisticexpialisquirtle
  128. Wankersaur
  129. Monarchish
  130. Welshator
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Metal Down Under: An Introduction to Australian Meta

G'day all,

Some of you might remember me as the guy doing the PhD on Aussie Extreme metal. I wanted to write a series of posts acting as a primer for Aussie metal as a whole and then some more specific styles; I've just done a literature review of the academic literature on Australian metal, so here's a 'literature review' of the musical literature if you like. I hope that this helps people discover some of the amazing bands we have here, and perhaps helps some of the more experienced folk find new bands! I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone who responded to my posts a few months ago giving suggestions for Australian bands. A special shout-out goes to u/AveLucifer in particular for a huge amount of help suggesting bands, making suggestions on the structure and Lo-Fi Black metal and potentially co-writing some later sections of this.

Here's how the posts will be structured (links to be provided as the posts are written):

1: An introduction to Australian metal, and the big bands that sound like other bands [This Post]

2: Developing Australian metal: Origins, traditional bands and Aussie thrash

3: Aussie Prog/melodeath

4: Aussie death/grind

5: Aussie war, 'blackslash' (black/death/thrash/etc. hybrids) and lo-fi BM

6: QLD Occult bands

The idea is that people can get a broad overview of Aussie metal, but can also jump into the sections that discuss specific styles or bands that they like or are interested in. Please note that this means that some of our really important and excellent bands will be covered in later posts, so please don't jump down my throat yelling that I forgot X band. ^^^You ^^^can ^^^do ^^^that ^^^after ^^^the ^^^final ^^^post. I'm going to give each band that I discuss a 'FFO' recommendation to help situate them with bands you might know. Some of our really big bands that I expect most people to know will also include an 'If I liked this Aussie band, I might also like the following Aussie band(s)' to try and connect people with some of the lesser-known bands in various styles. I'd love for people in the comments to add to sections like this if they can, because I certainly don't know every band and would love to connect people with more

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A Glossary of Dress Shoe Styles -- Names, Photos, and Descriptions

Toe Shape Styles

Although I'm listing these as distinct styles, it's better to not categorize these, but think of them as a spectrum. As you grow to appreciate footwear, you'll start paying more attention to specific "lasts," IE shoe molds, and take note of how round or elongated each one is. But for the sake of the glossary:

  • Classic Round. Standard, dressy, classic, never wrong.
  • Truly Round. The classic "round" shoe last has some shape to it; this extreme is just a smooth oval. More casual-- you'll see this more on moc-toe loafers than anywhere -- but still fairly versatile.
  • Bulbous. Casual.
  • Slight Point / Elongated Round. Sleeker and more elegant than classic round. Less versatile, sometimes harder to pull off.
  • Point. Ugly shoes and wizard boots; avoid.
  • Chisel Toe. Comes close to a point, but squares off near the end. Weirdly a lot better than point or square. Dressy.
  • Square. Ugly. Used by cheap shoes. Ferragamo is famous for making these look not that bad, and distinctive... But still not good.

Laced Shoe Styles

I started writing this guide in an attempt to catch everything worth catching. I ended up running into more styles than I could really hope to capture... But hopefully, this is good enough.

  • Oxfords (See also Balmoral Boots). Oxfords are shoes with closed lacing. "Balmoral" actually means there is a horizontal line around the shoe or boot.
    • [Wholecut](
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(Part 2) I'm listening to every Autechre album in chronological order. Here is my listener's guide.

Hello, if you liked this last time thank you. hope you find this enjoyable! i love being accompanied on this journey :)


Whereas this was initially an impulsive thing, it is now a long process. Post-Confield Autechre is something of a monolith, much like outer space is once you get past the nearest, closest-together planets. Narratives of artistic progression tend to break down; we're only left with the sounds.

Autechre's image is one of hermitism, inscrutability, and devotion to the abstraction of their artistic values. No press, weak titles, and no meta-textuality. That these releases increasingly occur in a sort of cultural vacuum is quite interesting, and in my opinion has positive and negative implications. It means that Autechre's music is thrillingly immersive - there truly is nothing on the planet that sounds like this.

As a listener, the experience is of tapping into a world that is progressive, adaptive, and unseen, but also manic and isolating. Autechre's music is thrillingly unseen, but it is also scarily unmanned. Or, to put it another way: do I love Autechre's music for what it is? Yes. Does it make me feel like I'm human, like I'm not alone, like I'm deserving of love? Hardly at all.

Because of this, I do not blame anyone who hopped off the train earlier. I genuinely don't. I don't blame anyone who listens to Autechre religiously either (I mean, look at me, look at what I'm doing and what it says about me), but I would issue a word of warning to those who are feeling lost, alone, or hopeless: listen to Leonard Cohen instead.

Confield 2001

In many ways, this is the first album of a new millennium.

Specifically, the interactivity here suggests the presence of some form of life that... isn't... intentional. Factually, of course that's not true - we all know that Sean Booth and Rob Brown used Max/MSP to program many of the sounds on the album. But there's enough of the unknown there to plant a seed of doubt in your mind, right?

Walking around with this in my ears, I am so disconnected from what went into making this music that I tend to forget it was made at all, but instead I begin to listen to it as a spontaneously created chain of events, a piece of music with its own primitive sense of awareness.

Naturally, the opening suite of songs is where this feeling is especially unruly. "VI Scose Poise" is an introduction to the uncanny valley that this album takes as its home;

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Prog metal album tournament (<100k listeners): Round 2.5

Hey everyone! Round 2! There will be two rounds a day, so look for the other poll once you've voted. If you want, upvote this post so more people see it.

If you aren’t interested in the tournament, just block me

The top two highest vote-getters will advance to the next round.

I encourage you to try a song or two of all the albums you can! This is about finding new artists.

Yesterday’s Results:


  1. The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Paleozoic (197 votes / 47.4%)
  2. Intronaut - The Direction of Last Things (76 votes / 18.3%)


  1. Bent Knee - You Know What They Mean (74 votes / 17.8%)
  2. Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape (69 votes / 16.6%)

Intros for the albums:

VOLA - Applause of a Distant Crowd (genre: djenty modern prog metal // FFO: Skyharbor, TesseracT, The Contortionist)

Crossover proggers VOLA (spelled with capital letters) formed in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and released two EPs, ‘Homesick Machinery’ (EP) (2008) and ‘Monsters’ (EP) (2011), before releasing their debut full length album ‘Inmazes’ in 2016 which spawned the singles ‘Starburn’, ‘Gutter Moon’ and ‘October Session’. Their sophomore full length album ‘Applause of a distant Crowd’ that arrived last week (2018) contains the two singles ‘Smartfriend’ and ‘Ghosts’ and the EP ‘Alien Shivers’.

Their releases have seen them move from progressive metal to the softer crossover style. Their latest release rests comfortably on the crossover shelve.

Courtesy of earlyprog on progarchives

Ihsahn - After (genre: prog black // FFO: Emperor, Enslaved, Leprous)

After, the third and so-called conclusion of Ihsahn’s “A” series. After is the most progressive of the series, featuring longer song arrangements (4-10 minutes), prog influenced keyboards/organs and saxophones.

One thing that stands out right off the bat is the guitar tone. The guitar tone is cleaner than both The Adversary and Angl. It’s not too distracting, nor does it affect the quality of the music. Another stand out is that After’s mellow moments are much more defined. Songs such as the self-titled track and Austere both feature a much more confident clean vocal delivery by Ihsahn, which was foreshadowed on Angl. Again, along with Angl, these moments aren’t top 40 material or even pop metal (Trivium of Killswitch Engage) but rather add a melancholic vibe to the album. Songs such as The Barren Lands and Frozen Lakes on Mars features catchy vocals hooks, which manage not to overpo

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More Post-Rock & Instrumental Rock I Like (on eMusic & Bandcamp)

A busy new semester of teaching has me backlogged in several categories, but probably none more than these.

In approximate order of how much I like it…

  1. “S/t” - Hijos Amigos (2018). This album might as well be the ambassador to rock listeners unfamiliar with contemporary Latin rock, as it touches on many different styles and has elements that tip their sombreros to the greats, most notably the organ work of The Doors. There are hooks, licks, and psychedelic elements aplenty, all blended together in seven tracks between 5-8 minutes long, each sounding as if multiple personality disorder were a virtue we should all strive to cultivate. Changes in tempo and instrumentation are made at the drop of a hat, but the bridges and transitions are as sublime as they are quick, ensuring that nothing is ever the least bit jarring. This is a rare album I could contentedly listen to on repeat, and if eMu’s critics will pardon the expression, a steal at just $2.99.

  2. “3c. 6” - Evas (2020). If you’re going to make a mid-tempo instrumental rock album with just the core ingredients of guitar, bass, and drums, this one from Peru could be a model for how to keep it listenable from start to finish. Tight but not tense jams with no frills, no nonsense, nor any real deviation from a formula that works like a charm on these ears. A bargain at $2.49 on a tiny label, this is just the kind of discovery that keeps me subscribed. I wish we lived in a world where this album and others like it had the remotest chance of being heard by anyone, anywhere, but that’s just not the world we live in.

  3. “Face Tapes” - Hunter Ellis (2021). (now gone from eMusic) This new long EP or short album hits all the right notes for post-rock, establishing atmosphere through melody and using vocals artfully and sparingly. The tracks are just a touch longer than pop songs, and they flow well from one to the next. There are other instruments to complement the guitars, too, which may be less important to others but really makes a difference in my enjoyment of post-rock. The best song is unsurprisingly the longest, with multiple passages that bring the guitars either to the front or the back of the mix. The second track’s vocals are a nice breather and make for a downright beautiful song, while the brief third takes a page from the Southwest. [https://earth

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[DISCUSSION] Deerhunter's Cryptograms turns 10 years old today, what is its legacy?

See Title. The proper debut of the Bradford & Lockett Deerhunter, Cryptograms set the stage for their fantastic run of 4 Albums and a pair EPs from 2007-2010. Personally I feel it is constantly the most underrated of their discography, and deserves to be in the conversation with Microscastle/Weird Era and Halcyon Digest as their 'Essential' work. If you have never gotten around to the album, I can't think of a better time then a Sunday Afternoon in January.

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I Watched the First Episode of Every Winter 2019 Anime - Rankings (25% Drop Rate)

Tier 1: The few great, awesome shows every season

Tier 2: The shows that are enjoyable and respectable

Tier 3: Have some minimal amount of value but likely not worth watching

Tier 4: These shows are bad, usually because the production company cares more about mass appeal/money as opposed to any kind of genuine quality

These are done blind as I don’t pay attention to community discussion about the anime that comes out. This usually means that I am completely blindsided with criticism for putting a ‘consensus’ good show low on the rankings.

Tier 1

1- Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen

2- Hulaing Babies

3- Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan

4- Ueno-san wa Bukiyou

Tier 2

5- Dororo

6- Kemurikusa (TV)

7- 3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season

8- The Rising of the Shield Hero

9- Kemono Friends 2

10- Domestic na Kanojo

11- Boogiepop and Others (2019)

12- Piano no Mori (TV) 2nd Season

13- The Promised Neverland

14- Puso Ni Comi

15- Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale

16- Dimension High School

Tier 3

17- Manaria Friends

18- Meiji Tokyo Renka

19- Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka

20- Endro~! (dropped 11min. Into ep. 1)

21- Girly Air Force

22- Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!

23- Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai (dropped 16 min. Into ep. 1)

Tier 4

24- W'z (dropped 11 min. into ep. 1)

25- Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. (dropped after ep. 1)

26- Mini Toji (dropped after ep. 1)

27- Revisions (dropped 13 min. Into ep. 1)

28- Grimms Notes The Animation (dropped 11min. into ep. 1)

29- Gotoubun no Hanayome (dropped 9 min. Into ep. 1)

30- Circlet Princess (dropped 13 min. Into ep. 1)

31- Pastel Memories (dropped 7 min. into ep. 1)

32- The Price of Smiles (dropped 3 min. into ep. 1)

33- Papa datte, Shitai (dropped 3 min. into ep. 1)


Tier 1

1- Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen (skilled-teaser Takagi-San) - Wow. For a second there, I thought it was going to be super lame. But this show is just SOOOOO much fun! I was smiling and super interested for every single second! These characters are just so dynamic! And the animation is really nice. And that pink-haired girl has like the MOST character out of any of them. I’m looking forward to this show! In fact, it even seems like it might end up doing a better job of reinventing the episodic formula than Skilled-teaser takagi san.

2- **Hulaing Babie

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WTF Is Coming Out Friday? November 30th Edition

3LAU - Game Time (feat. Ninja)

Above & Beyond and Spencer Brown feat. RBBTS - Long Way From Home

Alan Walker - Different World

Alesso - Tilted Towers

Alex Sonata & TheRio feat. Dean Chalmers - Greenlights

Alok & Yves V - Innocent ft. Gavin James (Remixes)

Anti Up- Hey Pablo EP

Axwell - Nobody Else

Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Remixes)

Bluum - Phase Space

Cash Cash feat. Nasri of MAGIC! - Call You

Cheat Codes feat. Kim Petras - Feeling Of Falling

Cheryl - Love Made Me Do It (Initial Talk Remix)

Chime - Evolve EP

Cooper & Gatlin - Break (Tep No Remix)

Curtis Alto - Sunday

DallasK - Looking For Your Love (Remixes)

David Guetta feat. Bebe Rexha - Say My Name (Sidney Samson Remix)

Diego Miranda, Futuristic Polar Bears & Slamtype - Selecta

DOLF & The Galaxy - Hurricane

DROELOE & Fytch - Through The Storm

Dyro & Loopers - I Know U

EQRIC & TwoWorldsApart - Run The World (ft. Aleana Redd)

Fadent - Sleepless Nights (ft. Aleana Redd)

FAIS - Make Me Do (MÖWE Remix)

Faul & Wad - TOKYO

Feb - No More

Fort Arkansas - It Ain't Over (Sons Of Maria Mix)

Foxa - The Darkness

Grant - Castaway

Halsey - Without Me (Illenium Remix)

Haywyre - Panorama: Discover

HAZE, Breeze & Bengston - Dance With Me

Ian Munro - Fever Dream

James Carter feat. Dominic Neill - Give Me Your Love

Joe Stone & Monn - Loaded Gun

John O'Callaghan & Cold Blue - Symmetric

Jonas Aden - Strangers Do

Jordan Jay - Never Know

Joshua Francois & DAD - Broke (Jerre Remix)

Joshua Francois & MOMO - Treasure In My Soul (ft. Evan Fogarty)

Julian Calor feat. Maggie Szabo - Love’s Not Fading

Junior Sanchez - Fundamentals EP

KAAZE feat. Nino Lucarelli - Satellites

Kaskade Christmas (Deluxe)

Keys N Krates - Live In Toronto (live album)

Klingande & Broken Back - Wonders (Acoustic & Remixes)

KOAN Sound - Viridian Dream

Latwer - No Fear

Locnville - Baloo (Pascal & Pearce Remix)

Luca Schreiner - Over You

Marshmello & Bastille - Happier (Remixes pt. 2)

Matoma feat. Josie Dunne - Sunday Morning (Zookëper Remix)

Matrix & Futurebound - Mystery Machine LP


Myon & Late Night Alumni - Hearts & Silence (Remixes)

Natasha Jane Julian - Tomorrow Will Come

Nicky Miles - Bom Bom

Nicky Romero feat. Alice Berg - My Way

Nils van Zandt - On My Way (Remixes)

ODESZA - A Moment Apart (Deluxe Editin)

OFFAIAH - Push Pull

Paul Oakenfold feat. Tiff Lacey - Hypnotized (Remixes) <-- NEW ONES


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[For Sale] NEW METAL records - A LOT of new additions: Fuming Mouth, Melechesh, Contortionist, Bell Witch, Amenra, Arkangel, Weigedood, The Ocean, 1349, Cryptopsy, Harakiri for the Sky, Leviathan, Xasthur, Zao, Acid Mammoth, Austere, Hardcore, Black, Doom, Post metal, 184 titles

Been awhile since I posted; lots of new titles in stock.

All records are new and unplayed; some may have been popped open to verify color. I run a small site where I (mostly) import titles from a distributor that are traditionally tough to get in the US. Still a pricey proposition with international shipping, but I am usually cheapest on Discogs (and even cheaper direct) and faster for US residents obviously.

Flat rate shipping of $4.50. I pack well protected in a box not a mailer, and ship to the US only. Prices are firm, there's really no wiggle room here. ***Last time I shipped ONE box was crushed by USPS, and I've invested in 600 feet of bubble wrap in the event that happens again. I did take good care of the buyer. Trying to be transparent in my approach... I'll also suggest insurance on a larger order; I'll add $1.00 to the total and cover the difference if you're interested***

I can provide pictures of any, just ask. If you want to know specifically if a title has been popped open to very color of if it's still sealed, just ask.

***I will be setting up for the first time at a record show in October in Burlington, MA. Hope to see some Boston area metal folks in person there!***


Images of my inventory for the visual peeps:


100 Demons - S/T (red) $14.00

1349 ‎– The Infernal Pathway (sun yellow vinyl) $33.50

1782 ‎– From The Graveyard (red w/ black splatter) $29.50

1782 / Acid Mammoth - Doom Sessions Vol. 2 (Purple) $30.00

A Pale Horse Named Death - When the

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Nemesis Calibur worth at this point?

I am currently looking into upgrading my weapon as a hunter main. I know next episode comes out next month. I was wondering is it worth at this point to start working on a nemesis wep? Or wait till next month ?

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