Today is revenge for Andy Dibble

Back in March 1990, current Burton Albion assistant Gary Crosby was playing for Forest against City and headed a ball out of the hand of City goalkeeper Andy Dibble. Today, it would be declared illegal, but the goal stood and led to a 1-0 Forest victory that day.

Video of the incident, featuring what sounds like a younger Martin Tyler and Gary Lineker doing post-match analysis:

Guardian article which educated me about it:

So, if we get a good result today, this one's for Dibble.

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Your most cringeworthy "Typical City" moments?

We all know that City are more popular than ever, and why not? We're Premier League champions! We have some of the greatest players in the world on our team, and we play entertaining football.

I doubt I'm alone in thinking that City have arrived as a force in world football and will likely remain a force for years to come. The thing is, this is City, and if any team can make a bollocks of the position we find ourselves in, it's us. Having seen plenty of our more calamitous moments first hand, I find that thinking back on where we were makes our current successes that bit sweeter.

So what are your favourite/funniest/most cringeworthy City moments?

I'll get the ball rolling with a vintage Andy Dibble moment.

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Did Sachin Tendulkar really face the best bowlers while opening in ODIs? (A bored, lame analysis)

I thought about this when ESPNCricinfo talked about who was the better ODI opener, Sachin or Rohit and obviously people will gravitate to Sachin even though Rohit on paper has better stats.

The argument was that Sachin Tendulkar had to face better bowlers. So I'm going to see if that holds up. Did Sachin in fact face Akram, Donald, Waqar, Ambrose and McGrath more than Rohit faced Cummins, Starc, Steyn, Boult and whoever else, or is it a case of nostalgia?

Firstly both played in eras where it was easier to bat which was around the late 2000's to early 2010's compared to now and previous then. The 2 new balls have made it easier for Rohit and current batsmen, so let's take that into consideration.

Sachin Tendulkar - Most Matches Played Against - 124 matches @ Home

  • Australia - 63
  • Pakistan - 59
  • Sri Lanka - 56
  • South Africa - 39
  • New Zealand - 34
  • Zimbabwe - 26
  • Windies - 22
  • England - 21
  • B'desh - 9
  • Kenya - 8
  • UAE, Netherlands & Ireland - 2
  • Namibia - 1

So looking at this, the whole Sachin had to face Ambrose and Donald isn't that correct. Matches wise, That's only 61 matches, he opened against them. Tendulkar also got the benefit of facing Zimbabwe quite a bit which didn't always have the best attack & the same for NZ for a while. Surprisingly didn't face England that much. Australia is the obvious since Sachin played in 4 World Cups were he faced Australia (2007 excluded), and played tri series there as an opener in 1999/00, 2003/04, 2007/08, and 2011/12, which also inflated matches against Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, the opponents of those series.

Rohit Sharma - Most Matches Played Against - 50 Matches @ Home

  • Australia - 30
  • South Africa - 21
  • West Indies - 19
  • New Zealand - 19
  • Sri Lanka - 17
  • B'desh - 9
  • England & Pakistan - 8
  • Zimbabwe - 5
  • Afghanistan, HK, Ireland and UAE - 1

Rohit on the other hand didn't get to face Pakistan much due to the political climate. What is surprising that he hasn't faced SL as much as previously thought. Australia isn't surprising but in the Top 4 teams he played against, they have had noted strong attacks.


Since I can't find a way to see who has bowled to Tendulkar or Rohit the most since ESPNCricinfo, Howzat and others have a limitation, I can do who has played in the most matches against Sachin and Rohit which sucks.

Bowlers that played the Most v. Tendulkar - Top 5

  • Muralitharan (SL) - 35 Matches - 3 Wickets - 63.00
  • Vaas (SL) - 35
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Lessons from a Rookie Modeller (plus Academy 1:35 Abrams TUSK II Pics!)

To all the rookie modellers out there, drooling over the god-tier posts in this subreddit and scratching our heads and wondering how they pull it off,

I'm one of you! I feel where you're at, and, as much as I've improved since I've started, I'm still definitely not pro level. I started modelling about a year ago and, along with the tanks in the pics, I've got a few aircraft up at college that honestly aren't as cool as the tanks back here at home. I just put the finishing touches on an Academy 1:35 Abrams, and I thought it would be helpful to all of us novices out there to share some lessons learned from this build and others. So, in no particular order, here we go:

(If you came here for pics, scroll to the bottom)

  1. Start simple: I started with armor because it's very, very hard to screw up a tank. Planes are clean and sleek; tanks are getting rolled through mud, covered in dust clouds, shot at, bombarded, hit by landmines, dug into entrenchments, etc. If you make mistakes when you're starting out (which we all do), they're not too hard to incorporate into the "story" of the vehicle. A nick in a panel can be a shell fragment impact, for example. Tanks, especially Tamiyas, are pretty simple to get together. In short, they're forgiving and straightforward. 1:35 is the way to go on armor; it's big enough to make assembly easier.
    1. Fundamentals first: Learning how to cut, sand, file, and glue parts together accurately comes first, then basic, solid painting and basic weathering. Focusing on these first will get you spectacular results. Leave the crazy stuff for later!
  2. Be patient: This isn't a race, as much as I make it one too often. Plan a few steps ahead and think about not just getting the pieces together, but how you'll paint it down the line, etc. It's way easier to paint small parts off a kit. Time is on your side. Wait for layers of paint and glue to dry completely before moving on, and test fit pieces and make sure everything aligns before you glue something in place. Make sure that you're sanding and fitting pieces properly. In short, don't cut corners, and take a second to consider what you're doing.
  3. Don't skimp on the essential supplies: You don't need to go wild with the huge variety of airbrushes, weathering tools, etc. out there, but you shouldn't skimp on the fundamental tools that you'll be using over and over again in this hobby. A good X-Acto knife, some model glue, some PVA glue for
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Remember and say their names, the names of the trans people who've been murdered in transphobic attacks

Laverne Turner

Maxwell/Michelle Confait

Jamie D. Ford

William Battles

Joseph Moran

Jae Stevens

Harvey Aberles


Yancey-Lisa R.

Toni Lee


Terri Williams Moore

Jody Susan Ford

Benderella Rae

Felicia Coffman

Cynthia Coffman

Jerrell Williams

Perry Young

Adele Bailey

Denise Puglies

Rita Sellers

Jean Shelley Boushard Fox (Jeannie Sheppard)

Georgette Hart

Barbara (William) Brodie

Ernestine Murray

Andre Vacarro

Diane Delia

Terry Wilson

Dianne Aubert

Pillar Point Doe

Linda Williams

Tara O’Hara

Chiron Collins

Philip Robert Filshie

Tianna Langley

Cortez Morris

Felix Benitez

Stella Essie

Clyde Massie

Jessica Castillo

Tanya Moore

Tina Rodriguez

Live Oak Doe

Monique Rogers

Diane Carter

Phyllis Olson

David F. McLaughlin


Michelle Byrne

Marvin Ball

Jane Golden (James Boyd)

Lisa Janna Black

Cam Lyman

Crystal Sanchez-Reyes

Ruby Bota

Samantha (Samuel) York

Ramon Baez

Julie Doe

Charles Albert Lizotte

Toni (David) Lowry

Vernon Sivills

Venus Xtravaganza

Peggy Santiago

Steven Hernandez

Lindsey/Todd Alexander Asay

Carla Salazar

Juaquin Jiminez

Rafael Sanchez Ayala

Castro Nova Estabon

Julie Birchall

Terri Prather

Sherri Ransom

Jose Angel Osuna

Eduardo Lora Vasallio

Donald Pierce

Michelle Hays (aka Michelle Maree, Joe Michael Hays)

Felix Abarca

Carlos Tasha Santiago

Anna Francisco

Edna Brown

Lim Yeow Chuan

David Perez

Carmen Marie Montoya

Patrick Calvert

Shannon Elroy Clay

Lynn Therrett

Sonia Rescalvo Zafra

Huriell Gypsy Lockett (David King)

Rhonda Star (Ronnie Dean Lyles)

Jean (Woodrow) Powell

Kenneth Dale Robinson (aka Midnight, Casandra)

Richard Goldman

Jessy Santiago

Cameron Tina Tanner

Harold Draper

Rene Michelle Ouellet

Marsha P. Johnson

Robert K. Woelfel

Victor Hugo Castillejos

Anthony Swain

Stephan Stephanie Chapman

Grayce Baxter

Derry Glenn

Chrissey Johnson

Christiaan D’Arcy

Delores Mack

Quona R. Clark

Gordon Tuckey

Daniel A. Castro

Donnie O. Osby

Dinh Van Vo

Giuseppe Mandanici

Marquita (Martin) Johnson

Derrick Miss Tess Hampton

David Edward Wigley

Ashley-Ann Summers

Larry Venzant

Brandon Teena

Alana Kela

Johanna Langer

Lazaro Comesana

Terrie Ladwig

Mara Duvouw

Gisele Gaga’ (Luiz Gastao Pereira Sobrinho)

Reyna Sandoval

Debra Forte

Valerie Hill

Rev. John Gypsy Prowett

Tyra Hunter

Tarayon Corbitt

Mocha Celis

Chantel Gillade

Quincy Favors Taylor

Steven Wilson

Chanelle Pickett

James Percy Rivers (aka Tatiana Rivers, Keymani

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Immaculate Inning Research

Updated to include Kevin Gausman on August 18th, 2019, Chris Martin on September 11,2019, and Will Harris On September 26, 2019.

I went through every immaculate inning in MLB history to do some research on if having an immaculate inning was related to having a good game. I found each pitchers’ stats in the game they had an immaculate inning. Then did calculations to find the total WHIP and ERA of all the games combined. I also included how many times each team has thrown an immaculate inning. There is a list of pitchers that have thrown more than one immaculate inning in their career. If I’m missing anything or did something wrong, then let me know and I’ll try to add it. So, now for an excessive amount of knowledge you never needed to know.

100 total immaculate innings in MLB history:

  • 37 immaculate innings since 2010
  • 14 from 2000-2009
  • 18 in the 1990s
  • 4 in the 1980s
  • 8 in the 1970s
  • 8 in the 1960s
  • 11 before 1960

#Wins, Losses, Saves, Holds

  • 41 wins
  • 16 losses
  • 10 saves
  • 3 holds
  • 9 no-decisions
  • 21 others (can be found at bottom of full stats)

#Combined Totals (by decade available in Full Stats)

  • 480 IP
  • 324 Hits
  • 111 BB
  • 130 ER
  • 654 K


  • 0.91 WHIP
  • 2.44 ERA
  • 12.26 K/9

K/9 is likely inflated because of the circumstances of an immaculate inning.

  • All-time averages: 1.36 WHIP, 3.85 ERA, 5.05 K/9

#WHIP, ERA, K/9 by decade

  • 2010-current 0.82 WHIP, 2.02 ERA, 13.77 K/9, (Decade average: 1.31 WHIP, 4.06 ERA, 7.83 K/9)
  • 2000-2009 1.03 WHIP, 3.28 ERA, 12.41 K/9 (Decade average: 1.40 WHIP, 4.43 ERA, 6.62 K/9)
  • 1990s 0.94 WHIP, 2.78 ERA, 11.75 K/9 (Decade average: 1.40 WHIP, 4.29 ERA, 6.19 K/9)
  • 1980s 0.60 WHIP, 0.42 ERA, 10.38 K/9 (Decade average: 1.41 WHIP, 3.87 ERA, 5.39 K/9)
  • 1970s 1.11 WHIP, 3.54 ERA, 16.71 K/9 (Decade average: 1.34 WHIP, 3.70 ERA, 5.16 K/9)
  • 1960s 0.79 WHIP, 1.40 ERA, 11.79 K/9 (Decade average: 1.33 WHIP, 2.69 ERA, 5.94 K/9)
  • Pre 1960 1.06 WHIP, 3.19 ERA, 8.04 K/9 (Time period average: 1.36 WHIP, 3.61 ERA, 3.46 K/9)

#Immaculate Innings by Team

  • Diamondbacks: 3
  • Braves/Beaneaters: 6 (T-3)
  • Orioles: 4
  • Red Sox: 6 (T-3)
  • Cubs: 4
  • White Sox: 1
  • Reds: 5
  • Indians: 2
  • Rockies: 2
  • Tigers: 2
  • Astros/Colt .45s: 7 (#2)
  • Royals: 3
  • Angels: 2
  • Dodgers: 8 (#1)
  • Marlins: 1
  • Brewers: 5
  • Twins: 0
  • Mets: 2
  • Yankees: 6 (T-3)
  • Athletics: 4
  • Phillies: 5
  • Pirates: 3
  • Padres: 1
  • Giants: 3
  • Mariners: 1
  • Cardinals: 2
  • Rays: 3
  • Rangers: 0
  • Blue Jays: 3
  • Nationa
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What's Happening in CT 12/13 - 12/15

Friday, December 13th 2019:

  • Chocolate and Wine Pairing, December 12 - 13
    Come in anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. and taste five award winning estate red wines paired to perfection with five specialty chocolates. Reservations are only required for groups of six or more.
    11am-4pm, $20
    Sunset Meadow Vineyards, 599 Old Middle St. Goshen, CT
  • Northern Lights, December 12 - 14
    Mystic Aquarium lights up during Northern Lights… A sea of lights leads the way through a mesmerizing journey along the Aquarium’s outdoor pathways. See Arctic animals in a whole new light – quite literally – as you stroll to theatric music in search of hand-crafted lanterns that bring Arctic animals to life! Snap selfies and meet the Snow Sisters every Thursday, Father Christmas on Fridays and Petey the Penguin each Saturday. Plus, stop by our Send a Wish Upon a Star station to write notes and wishes to the men and women serving overseas this holiday season. An alfresco experience unlike any other, Northern Lights is sure to be a new family tradition, a truly romantic date night and Mystic Aquarium’s biggest holiday event yet. Pulling inspiration from the most spectacular natural light display there is – the aurora borealis – Northern Lights is sure to be just as magical and inspiring.
    6pm-9pm, General admission $15, members $12, children (2 and under) free.
    Mystic Aquarium, 55 Coogan Blvd. Mystic, CT
  • An Improvised Christmas Carol, December 12 - 22
    Come see a hilarious retelling of Charles Dickens's Christmas classic twist! This show combines your suggestions with the improvisers’ imaginations to create a performance of A Christmas Carol like nothing you have ever seen. What if Scrooge owned a pet store? What if the Ghost of Christmas Past was a Film Noir detective? What if Tiny Tim wasn't so tiny? Come find out and see how your suggestions tell an all new tale of how Christmas can (or can't!) change Ebenezer Scrooge's life.
    Thu.-Sat. 8 p.m., Sun. 2 p.m., Adults $15, children $10
    Sea Tea Comedy Theater, 15 Asylum St. Hartford, CT
  • 38th Annual Santa's Workshop, December 13 - 23
    Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves making toys, set in a log cabin with decorations and music, and a fire in the great stone fireplace.
    3pm-5pm, FREE
    Wickham Park, 1329 West Middle Tpke. Manches
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Banned: The Sad Story of the 500 Cheaters


Well, there is no story to it. They get BANNED! Below, you will find the 500 sad souls that were taken by the hammer that swings every day. This is a list of players that were banned recently due to cheating in Escape from Tarkov. Although we do not take player reports currently, we are actively monitoring and taking actions against those who cheat. So the lesson of the day, we take fair play seriously, do not cheat, do not get banned, and play the game fair.

Also, note that bans are final and they also come in a bundle with forum and support center ban. Thank you!

> * APOCMANISBACK > * Seanlsy > * Keepa > * H3didntmak3it > * ArkSunx > * Antosik > * Waldpyk > * SinceThen > * GT_Pulse > * IU_SixSixSix > * Jaydens > * DoC > * LDBM > * ANANIZIsikerim > * jakozeskrrrrrrr > * Rexa110 > * Dobbie88 > * GCarlinGaming > * BLDRN_Sindikat > * Limage > * hangangtemp > * sinian > * Tratex > * WildcatDan > * PwnThem > * RevAres > * Skilly > * Astafurov_00 > * StraightEdge > * HueYaCornDogs > * QAQ-F_TD5X > * BLAYT > * TpShrub > * Crooowww > * JonnyR > * WintexToxic > * Walrusguy > * Ninja_Special_2 > * Malti > * XvoodooX > * Kongman > * YOUJYOPANTU > * napkinguy > * AmmoPack > * clxud > * MoT_Deadshot > * lil_hatchling > * Gundamrx93v2 > * Niko_Ireland > * TacoMcDelicious > * EDGESevan > * MARK06 > * Nino_Brown > * Ki11er13 > * AdmiralArcherTv > * DrRobbie > * UNU > * luoyi7821 > * CakePowaaaFR > * loyalyc > * The102ndGamer > * B7LMY > * happycows > * kanelitaneli > * script202 > * ya-6oX > * dmN_de > * the-silent-scav > * Dibble > * Champagnepapixo > * VyRoX > * Recoson > * BattlEyeTM > * SamuhAlves > * HodgyC4 > * kyansama > * C4-Dropper > * RBS-Kuntix > * Avicii90 > * Papa-Bear > * Rabitzki > * BadAssKick > * StinkPot > * Kunai > * IllEatYourPuddy > * XXX-D34DEYE-XXX > * Royz > * MartFachine > * UDRKKK > * jerrynb > * Zapadlo > * GrineBK > * krezi121212 > * huskerredblood > * PA3YMHbI > * Tom_Chandler > * Celestial_1 > * MERC_KillerPRO > * IconicEnigma > * BillNye663 > * KS_MOBY > * Oxytocine > * VikingAus > * S0l0 > * AlexBauer > * Carter77 > * CodeinDeef > * MrAndersone > * KVAD_Rokki_RIP > * Dickey_Needles > * MeGustaJkeee

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Bowlers to watch for next year's World Cup

After yesterday's post about batsmen, I've put together a similar post but with some slightly left-field statistics for bowlers. Again, those who are highly-ranked in most categories are those who are most likely to perform well.

In all cases, statistics used are for all ODIs since the last World Cup. To qualify, a bowler must have bowled in at least 20 innings in this time.

Measure 1: Average Spell

By calculating the average spell for the player across all the innings in which they have bowled, this should give a fair reflection of what we can expect from them.

Player Average Spell
1 Rashid Khan ^(AFG) 2/34 (8.4)
2 Mujeeb-ur-Rahman ^(AFG) 2/36 (9.3)
3 Jasprit Bumrah ^(IND) 2/38 (8.2)
4 Mustafizur Rahman ^(BAN) 2/38 (8.1)
5 Safyaan Sharif ^(SCO) 2/38 (8.0)
6 Yuzvendra Chahal ^(IND) 2/42 (9.0)
7 Kuldeep Yadav ^(IND) 2/43 (9.2)
8 Imran Tahir ^(RSA) 2/43 (8.5)
9 Chris Woakes ^(ENG) 2/43 (8.2)
10 Hasan Ali ^(PAK) 2/43 (8.1)
12 Josh Hazlewood ^(AUS) 2/46 (9.2)
13 Akila Dananjaya ^(SRI) 2/46 (9.0)
19 Trent Boult ^(NZL) 2/49 (9.0)
61 Ashley Nurse ^(WIN) 1/42 (8.3)


  • Afghanistan's pair of young spinners are almost uniquely potent in helpful conditions. Mujeeb in particular refuses to leak runs.
  • India has a very well-rounded ODI bowling attack.
  • West Indies don't have a single bowler who can regularly take wickets.

Measure 2: Big Hauls

In all forms of cricket, the best way of keeping the runs down is to get the batsmen out. A four-wicket (or more) haul will usually have a significant impact upon the match in question.

Player Innings per haul
1 Matt Henry ^(NZL) 6.00
2 Rashid Khan ^(AFG) 6.25
3 Pat Cummins ^(AUS) 6.75
4 Mustafizur Rahman ^(BAN) 6.80
5 Trent Boult ^(NZL) 6.83
6 Chris Woakes ^(ENG) 6.83
7 Liam Plunkett ^(ENG) 7.17
8 Mujeeb-ur-Rahman ^(AFG) 7.67
9 Akila Dananjaya ^(SRI) 7.67
10 Barry McCarthy ^(IRE) 7.67
11 Kagiso Rabada ^(RSA) 8.67
15 Hasan Ali ^(PAK) 9.50
17 Jasprit Bumrah ^(IND) 10.25
24 Carlos Brathwaite ^(WIN) 12.00


  • I have just found another reason to love Matt Henry.
  • India is less dependent on individual bowling brilliance because of their tendency to work well as a unit where most members will pick up two wickets or so.
  • West Indies do
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THINGS TO DO IN LOU: Halloween Weekend Edition! [October 30 - November 2]

Hey, y'all! /u/sethra007 and I are teaming up to share what's going on in Louisville every week. This post highlights goings-on around town for tonight through Sunday.

A reminder that if you're a parent, check out the HUGE number of events on the Louisville Family Fun site. Many of the events LFF lists are free or very low cost, so it's a great way to entertain and educate your young'uns.

ALSO - Haunted Things are OPEN for the LAST weekend! Go HERE for a complete listing of Halloween related things in town!


For a FULL listing of events head over to Do502 - these are the top 10 or so of 33 events


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Hearing rumblings in the media in regards to new potential coach...

Andy Reid. I heard this tonight on the dibble and north show on 1360. Wouldnt this be a downgrade from norv? I dont understand why he is being talked about as a possible replacement.

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